10 Essentials for Your Puppy

Before you bring home a new puppy, visit the local pet store or your favorite online pet retailer to pick up the following 10 essentials. Just like a newborn baby, a new puppy needs a lot of accessories. When you prepare for puppy’s arrival, expect a smoother transition and a healthier, happier furry friend.

1- Harness/Leash/Collar

A harness, leash, and collar are three items every puppy needs from the moment he arrives at your home. The collar holds important information about the puppy on his ID tag, like your name and contact information. A harness is worn by the puppy during his daily walks and the leash attaches to the harness so you can lead the dog. Most pet owners prefer an adjustable harness.

2- Dog Crate

A crate allows you to keep your pet in a confined area where you can monitor him and/or housebreak/house train him. Choose a crate with plenty of space for the pet to stand up, lie down, turn around, and to stretch. A nice, cozy blanket or dog bed suffices the likes of many pet owners who want their pet to enjoy comfort. Don’t forget a crate cover for your stainless steel crate.

3- Baby Gate

In many ways, bringing a puppy home is similar to bringing home a newborn baby. You’ll soon learn why a baby gate serves such beneficial use as a new puppy owner. A sneaky puppy may wander out the door and get lost, climb stairs where he can fall, or jump on kitchen tables or ranges and experience an injury. A baby gate prevents mishaps.

4- Puppy Food

Choose a quality food designed to meet the special nutritional needs of puppies. Dog food is not created the same. Only when you choose a nutritionally complete food does your pet receive adequate nutrition to thrive. Research the food options available before choosing a brand. Once you choose, stick to this brand.

5- Food and Water Bowls

Sturdy food and water bowls made from ceramic material won’t tip over as easily as other types of bowls. Ceramic bowls often require less cleaning and are more hygienic. This prevents spills and accidents when the puppy is eating or getting a drink of water. Plastic bowls slip across floors and often leave messes behind.

6- Dog Bed

Dog beds ensure your puppy has a comfortable place to lie down when he is tired and in need of rest. Puppies and dogs enjoy relaxing and sleeping. Choose a comfortable bed that offers plenty of room and space for your dog to move around. Puppy beds come in assorted sizes to accommodate small, medium, and large dogs.

7- Toys

Puppy toys entertain the little ones, but more so provide them with something to chew on. Puppies chew when they are teething. Teething is painful to your puppy, but they cannot announce this information. Chew toys stop some of the pain and give puppies something fun to do! Dog ropes, squeaky toys and other types of toys also keep puppies of all sizes and ages happy and carefree. Playing toys with a puppy is tons of fun for kids and adults, too!

8- Puppy Brush

Whether grooming is a chore you’ll hand over to professionals or one you’ll tackle yourself, a dog grooming brush is nonetheless an important item for pet owners. Dogs enjoy their fur being brushed. It feels good as it scratches their backs. Brushing their fur also keeps it soft, manageable and tangle-free so your pup is always cute and cuddly.

9- Identification

A microchip or an ID tg offer identification for a puppy so he can be returned to his owner in the event he is lost or stolen. Choose one or both ID options for your own peace of mind and the added assurance that your puppy can always make it back home if he is lost or strays from the home.

10- Groozing and Bathing Products

Grooming and bathing products include a puppy toothbrush and toothpaste, dog shampoo and conditioner spray, nail clippers, a brush and comb, ear cleaning solution, and towels especially for the animal. Keep your puppy clean, odor-free, and healthy bathing and grooming him every couple of weeks.

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