4 Design Tips That Make Commercial Building Projects a Success

The most successful commercial building projects all have one primary focus: cost-effectiveness. Every square foot of a building costs money, and by spending it wisely, businesses can get a high-quality result without going over budget and construct a space that serves the business. 

These four simple tips will help you maintain your focus on cost-effective solutions that save you time during construction, and money after the property has been completed. Cost is everything. Not just in the short term, but across the life of the building.

Lay the Groundwork

At the core of any construction project is the budget. This is going to make a lot of your decisions for you, and by choosing to invest in the right areas, you can get a lot of building for your buck. Commercial construction can be cost-effective if you stick to established and commonly used building materials and methods.

Invest your time too. It may take a while to find the right architect, construction firm, and suppliers, but it is worth spending time building a shortlist of options, getting a range of estimates, and working with people a little before committing to a contract. Your relationship with your designers, contractors, and project manager will contribute a lot to the success or failure of your build.

Build on a Smart Foundation

Smart designs lead to smart savings. Focus on building materials and construction methods that are quicker and easier to install and erect and will speed up the construction process. You can begin using the space to make money sooner. The first phases of a build can be time-consuming and budget-draining.

Using steel for your building’s frame comes with a lot of benefits. Steel structures are quick to fabricate and erect, which saves you time and money. You can create whatever type of space you need in the large interior, splitting it into offices, workshops, or production lines. It is easy to make a hybrid interior space too, breaking the area into zones for different parts of your business. Speak to an expert like Koehn Construction Services to learn more. 

Plan for the Future

Integrating modern power, HVAC, and IT solutions is worth investing in. Tackling the rising costs of overheads by designing energy efficient heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems turns your commercial building into a money saver. IT services are as important as plumbing. Every business has to exist in the digital world as well as the physical one. Make sure your construction includes both wired and wireless internet connection and space for any servers of data storage.

Power generation and storage can change the way you look at utility overheads. Solar panels can harvest energy and sell it to the power grid or store it in batteries for your business to use. Either way, you are saving money every day, and using zero-emission energy to light your offices, charge laptops, or run machinery. There may be local or national tax breaks and grants that can help you fund the switch to greener energy and save money every quarter on rapidly escalating energy bills.

Accessibility Matters

Both during and after the construction of your commercial property, access is going to be important. Whether you are building a retail outlet or an office, you are going to need clear and safe access as well as parking for your workers and any customers. During the construction process, access to the site can have an impact on your budget. If vehicles delivering construction supplies cannot make it to the site with ease, it can cause all sorts of delays.

When you plan your building, and the construction, always have an eye on access. This may mean working with neighboring businesses or residents to ensure large vehicles can make it to the site. You may need to use their land to provide access for big vehicles like cranes or concrete mixers. When you are designing different elements of your building, always have a solution for getting the materials to where they need to be in mind and factor in those costs.

Cost-effective design, construction materials and methods, and future-proof planning are the three elements of successful commercial building projects. With these bases covered, your new outlet or offices will be a home run on the balance sheet. This does not have to limit your design and decor ideas either; many modern materials can allow you to create an impressive and expressive space that helps reinforce your brand identity as well as give you an area to do business.