4 Reasons Why Converting JPG To PDF Online Is A Better Option

When you are tasked to do a PDF conversion, the first thing that comes to mind is to do it over a standalone software that directly reads and edits PDFs. While this is a great line of thinking, there is a better way to go about it. Going online and converting via web-based applications like PDF Bear is actually more recommendable. In this article, we collated four of the best reasons why:

Word-wide access

Converting JPG to PDF may not be the most common of PDF edits and conversion, but it doesn’t mean it is less important as a function for standalone software than other processes. Yet, most default software on PCs, Macs, and smartphones don’t have this feature. Provided it’s an advanced solution to a novel problem, but still, when you are paying for a PDF editing software, it should be powerful enough to have this feature.

It’s one of the reasons why converting files online is a better option. With PDF edits, online repositories like PDF Bear have a suite of applications that focus on a specific action. For example, with converting JPG files to PDF, you would only need to upload the file, then set a setting to which it will be converted, then voila – you’ll have a PDF in seconds!

With browser-based applications, you’ll have world-wide access anywhere in the world as well. You’ll save time searching for standalone software to download and install, only to find out that it’s more complicated to operate than you’ve originally expected. If you convert online, all you need is a working Internet connection. Plus, you don’t even need a top of the line data plan to do so!

No installation

Part of the process when you choose a standalone PDF software is the installation. When you convert JPG to PDF online, you won’t need to undergo the process of finding the software online, downloading it, and finally installing it on your system. You just need to have a working browser with you – input the site or even do a quick Google search of PDF Bear, and you’ll have the application loaded in less than five minutes.

With no installation required, you save time for more pressing concerns. You can focus more on core functions, which, in turn, will streamline your working process. This means you won’t waste precious resources for something as mundane as converting a JPG file to PDF. Plus, not to mention, it will save storage space on your desktop.

Multi-platform supported

If you opt to convert PDF files online, you won’t need to worry about system requirements, or wondering if you have the right platform because all you need to have is a working browser installed. That means you can easily and effortlessly convert files from anywhere – desktop, laptop, or smartphone.

And because it is a browser-based web application, even when you have an older version of browsers, the conversion will still work. That means you can do work anywhere, even when you are away from your desktop, or travelling, or in the middle of transit, and the conversion is urgent.

More convenient

Suffice it to say that with all the things mentioned here, converting online is not only easier and more convenient; it’s also less resource-hungry, faster, and generally less complicated. The process of converting JPG to PDF is an advanced process, and simplifying it down makes more sense. Doing it online just makes sense.


PDF conversion to any file format, whether it’s from JPG or MS Office files like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint is an advanced maneuver that was only available on feature-rich PDF readers and editors that usually require subscription or a one-time payment.





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