4 Tips To Maintain Bronze Fixtures

Have you ever had to clean a bronze tap?

It may be the case that you have moved into a home where the taps in the bathroom are made from bronze. Or, it may be the case that you have chosen to put bronze fixtures into your bathroom as part of the aesthetic. However, one thing you have to note is that when it comes to bronze fixtures, the maintenance is different from that of typical steel ones!

So, how do you keep your bronze fixtures looking, er, the bronziest that they can, and how do you ensure that they don’t tarnish? Read on to find out!

1. Dust First

    Many people are surprised that they need to dust in their bathrooms. Yes, dust exists in that room, too, but it can just look like fluff! When it comes to cleaning bronze taps, bronze showers, and other bronze faucets, always start with a gentle dusting. That way, you will avoid smearing the dust on the surface, which can lead to a stubborn mark. 

    Simply use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe over the faucets. Make sure the cloth is clean and doesn’t leave any lint!

    2. Water and Dish Soap!

    Many people will attest to the fact that when it comes to cleaning bronze statues, the best option is to use a gentle and non-abrasive dish soap mixed with some warm water. Unlike stainless steel taps that can handle tough cleaning materials and even abrasion, bronze can and will tarnish, leaving your taps and showerheads looking like they need replacing.

      So, choose a mild dish soap and mix it with some warm water. Using a sponge or cloth, apply the soapy water to the taps and showerhead to remove any soap buildup. You can repeat this step as often as needed, but remember, don’t apply excess pressure and avoid a scrubbing motion if possible.

      3. Rinse and Dry

      Next, once all the stains and soap scum have been removed, you can rinse the area. This can be done with the showerhead if needs be; just make sure the water is lukewarm and not boiling. Bronze gets hot quickly, and the last thing you want is burns!

      Once all the soap is removed, be sure to pat the area dry with a clean and dry microfiber cloth. 

      4. Polish

      Now, onto the part that will help your bathroom to pop- the polishing! You can buy metal polishing in-store or online, but some bronze enthusiasts state that with a few key ingredients, you can make the polish at home. All you need is some slightly acidic products, baking soda, lemon juice, salt, and vinegar. If you are stretched, you can even use toothpaste! You are probably thinking that this all sounds pretty harsh chemically, and you may be wondering why you can’t use bleach. Well, bleach has a low PH and is alkaline, which doesn’t mix well with bronze surfaces and can cause peeling. So, using these materials, simply apply the mixture to the taps and shower head to polish the bronze. Be sure to apply the mixture in small, circular motions and leave the solution on the area for an hour. Then wipe off and rinse away!