5 Reasons to Love Scandinavian Design in Fashion 

The Scandinavian style has eased its way into interior design and became a well-loved concept worldwide, and Scandinavian fashion is following suit.

There is no question when it comes to the popularity of Scandinavian design in furniture, lifestyle and attitude. The simplicity and functionality that this design movement embodies are what’s winning the hearts of many. And surely, these and more will be the reasons for Nordic fashion to sweep the world.

The minimalist aesthetic, a key point of Scandinavian design, can be easily identified in its fashion. And the style that Cecilie Copenhagen created, among other designers, is the perfect description of Scandinavian design tradition and its take on fashion. The comfort and simple beauty of Scandinavian design, mixed with the unique Keffiyeh pattern, has allowed Cecilie Jorgensen to showcase the uniqueness, simplicity and functionality that this design is known for.

And if you aren’t convinced yet, the following reasons will make you want to wear Scandi fashion right away.

1. Scandinavian Fashion Is Unique and Experimental

Nordic fashion is not one to stay within the boundaries of what’s safe and normal in fashion. It is simple, comfortable and functional, but it doesn’t necessarily mean boring. In contrast, it is actually quite diverse and keeps reinventing past and current styles, always leaving you with something new. 

2. It Creates a Minimalist Silhouette

Centred on simplicity and function, Scandinavian fashion prioritises the comfort and purpose that each piece of clothing provides. This results in the Scandinavian silhouette, which pulls away from the coveted silhouette of sexy lines and beautiful curves, signifying a woman’s stunning body. 

Unlike the silhouette that form-fitting clothes create, Scandi fashion leaves an oval silhouette, which indicates a state of cosiness. And it is based on the saying “form follows function”, something that Scandinavian design tradition lives by.

3. The Colours Are Based on Neutral Shades

If you have seen Scandinavian fashion, you might notice that they mostly consist of dark hues. Black, which looks elegant, acts like a base that allows Scandi fashion to throw in whatever elements they want. This colour is linked to the kind of minimalism that the Scandinavian lifestyle exudes. 

However, the Nordic design does not revolve around black and dark colours alone. Instead, it tends to stick to neutral colours since they are flexible and go well with any accent or accessory.

4. It Is Full of Contrasting Elements 

Simple but unique and experimental, neutral with a touch of boldness and creativity, and minimalist but chic and artsy, this is how Scandinavian fashion creates contrasts. 

When you wear Scandi fashion, you can be simple but avant-garde, subdued but striking, effortless but elegant, and more contrasting descriptions that make you stand out in a good way.

5. Anyone Can Wear Scandi Fashion

The Scandinavian design tradition places great importance on simplicity and functionality. And it results in fashion filled with comfort, purpose and simple aesthetic. And these are elements that anyone will easily fall in love with. Moreover, if other fashion types are not for everyone, Scandinavian fashion is. Yes, anyone can wear Scandi fashion and look and feel great in it, too. And this is what designers, such as Cecilie Copenhagen, have achieved when they draw inspiration from Scandinavian design tradition. By adding elements from historical items like the Keffiyeh scarf, a unique twist is created.

So, whether you’re out for a casual stroll, a night out with friends, or even just a cozy day at home, get into your Scandinavian OOTD and stay comfortable but trendy at the same time.

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