5 Tips for Starting a Commercial Laundry Facility in Florida

Florida is one of the best states in the U.S. in terms of fiscal stability and economy. It has a growing population and a high number of visitors. All of these things make it an attractive state for doing business. With this, if you are looking for a new business to start in Florida this 2020, consider starting a commercial laundry. Hotels and restaurants are abundant in the state, so you have a huge market to tap. Read on and we’ll share some tips for your business to be successful. 

#1 Find the Best Equipment

One of the most important is to have top-notch equipment, even if this means making a considerable investment. If your equipment is prone to breakdowns, this will affect the quality of service and customer satisfaction. Commercial laundry equipment needs to be more powerful compared to traditional machines and washers. It is also crucial to look for energy-saving features, which will help you build an eco-friendly business. If you are looking for high-quality commercial laundry equipment, make sure to check out Continental Girbau.

#2 Attract Customers

To attract customers, you need to invest in your marketing strategies. Because you are building a commercial facility, your target includes other businesses, including hotels, restaurants, spas, senior care facilities, and gyms, among others. Florida is gifted with a large hospitality market, so you have a large audience to tap. From social media to email, utilize various strategies to reach your target audience. If marketing a commercial or industrial laundry is too challenging for you, the pros at Continental Girbau can extend a helping hand.  

#3 Build a Website

Building a business website will be instrumental in the success of your commercial laundry. In this digital age, do not ignore the importance of a website since you can use it as a marketing tool. You can utilize a website to reach other businesses. This can also be a platform where you can offer value-added services, such as pick-up and delivery. Your business clients can also access their accounts through the website, allow them to monitor the status of the laundry, and settle payments accordingly.

#4 Look for the Right Facility

Commercial laundry machines are often larger. It is also more demanding compared to traditional laundromats. With this, you need to find the right facility that can meet the demands of the business. For most people, a practical choice is to rent or lease instead of buying a business space outright. 

#5 Set the Right Price

As with conventional laundromats, pricing decisions will also be instrumental in the success of your business. Find a price that works best for the business and your customers. A good starting point is to research the prices that your competitors are offering, which will give you an idea of a good price that you can charge. 

Now is the time to consider building a commercial laundry business in Florida. The market is growing, representing a huge opportunity for growth. Take note of the tips mentioned above to increase the chances of success.