Why And How To Optimize Your Web Referencing?


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a set of techniques that aimed at improving the positioning of a site in the organic search engine results and generating traffic capable of being converted.  The SEO basically involves sticking the requirements and Google operating modes, which concentrates 77% to over 91% of search queries in different countries. A good SEO will allow your site to be seen on the first page of Google during searches.

The objectives of SEO optimization

Natural referencing is essential in the world. There are more than a billion websites on the internet and Google indexes around 30,000 billion pages. The only way to make a page visible is, therefore, to optimize by applying the rules of the search engine, which is Google. Today, on the web, competition between sites is more and more fierce. To attract visitors to your site, you must be on the first page of the search results (and better yet: at the top of the first page). There is no secret for this:

  • Either you can spend without counting sponsored link campaigns. But as soon as you stop paying, you will stop appearing in the search engine results.
  • Or you carefully optimize your pages and your content, making your site the answer to questions from your audience. And that is doing SEO.

Obviously, there are many techniques for selling online. If the advertising will catch the eye of the surfer who surfs without a specific goal and, if the Community Manager is going to engage the conversation with the surfer who is already interested in your brand, it is the natural referencing which will allow on the long term to attract Internet users who are looking for a precise answer to their needs.

To improve your SEO, you need to create and publish quality content. It is not a question of pleasing Google, it is above all necessary to interest and retain your audience. In this, the objective of SEO is:

  • Generate traffic
  • Increase the number of prospects

Here are some SEO criteria are taken into account by engines today:

  • Site architecture
  • Page performance: loading speed, mobile-friendly pages (responsive)
  • The keywords and the density of the keywords as well as the exploitation of the lexical field around the keywords, their synonyms and similar expressions
  • Quality content, sufficient volume, unique and original, well written and with a clean HTML code
  • The domain name
  • Backlinks, i.e. external links that link to your site


Investing in SEO will guarantee a good positioning in search results. You will understand improving SEO is possible for people who want to spend time there. A good web SEO strategy will take time, both in terms of work and results, which can be frustrating. But it is essential to work that will bear fruit in the long term. So, as much to offer the services of professionals who will know how to develop, implement, and pilot your SEO strategy in a competitive and changing technical environment. This is why it is important to create an attractive, clear and precise site. The site must be simple to use and ergonomic.


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