7 Examples That Show Dogs Are Loyal Pets

Dogs are known or referred to as man’s best friend. And they are loyal to their owners to a fault. We love and adore them as puppies, and when they are fully grown, they stay with us for life.

They naturally know how to sniff out trouble instinctively and always keep their owners, or those they care about, out of harm’s way. No other domestic animal or pet displays more loyalty and love than dogs.

The friendship between dog and man dates back thousands of years. And since then, they have become emotionally bonded to humans. They became man’s best friend because of the unconditional love they give every day.

And it makes sense to return the favour, especially when most dogs can quickly tell when you are angry, sad, etc. This is why it is necessary to do all we can to keep them happy, healthy, and safe.

Read more about how to best feed them, train them, and ensure they remain in sound health for as long as possible.

Why Dogs Are So Loyal

Many people, especially those who do not own dogs, think Fido’s loyalty is tied to food and shelter. However, if you are lucky enough to see how a dog reacts when their human friends come back after they have been away for a while, it is crystal clear that their loyalty is not about food.

Let us see two reasons why dogs are so loyal to their human friends.

Dogs Are Naturally Affectionate

A dog’s instinct is to want to naturally bond, i.e., they want to love and be loved in return. They will do everything in their capacity to protect the ones they love and contribute as a member of a pack.

Dogs Are Natural Pack Animals

The pack behaviour is natural to dogs, whether domestic or wild. They are not loners but social mammals that will always prefer to be in the company of other dogs or humans.

It is also a survival mechanism that wild dogs maximize. For example, dog packs succeed when they hunt and breed.

Every member of the group depends on the other to stay alive and thrive. And this is the mentality that makes these four-legged companions loyal to humans. They believe loyalty will keep them alive as they view humans as just another member of the pack.

And this is why trainers and animal experts believe that pet owners need to assert themselves as the ‘alpha dog.’

When you assert yourself as the first in order of importance, and your pup perceives you in that light, they will always follow your lead.

7 Examples That Show Dogs Are Loyal Pets

To shed more light on dogs and their loyalty, here are seven examples that show dogs are loyal pets:

  1. Sissy the Schnauzer

Sissy is a miniature schnauzer that escaped her family’s home and showed up at the hospital where the owner was admitted. The owner’s husband was stricken with grief when he could not find the dog at home.

But a few hours later, he received a call from the hospital’s security compound that someone had found Sissy.

  1. Hachiko

Hachiko is a Japanese breed of dog, better known as an Akita. This dog is a true symbol of canine loyalty.

This dog was used to meeting his owner at the train station in the evenings. However, one day, the owner passed away at work.

But Hachiko, oblivious to this incident, kept meeting the evening train every day to wait patiently for his master. This kept on for up to 9 years, nine months, and 15 days.

The loyal dog and its owner have been reunited in a heartwarming statue erected in Tokyo.

  1. Zander the Samoyed-Husky

In 2012, a Samoyed-Husky mix known as Zander was suddenly found right outside the same hospital his master was admitted to.

The owner was contacted via a phone call that his dog was waiting patiently outside the health facility.

The 70-pound, 7-year-old Zander seemed sad and moped around the house before deciding to do something about his owner’s absence.

The dog was said to have covered up to 2 miles to reach the hospital. He even had to cross a stream, nature reserve, as well as a busy 4-lane highway.

  1. Bobbie the Wonder Dog

Bobbie is a collie that got lost on a family vacation in Illinois back in 1926. The canine companion was gone for a little over six months.

And suddenly, he turned up right at the family home, having covered more than 2,500 miles to get there.

Bobbie’s grave at the Oregon Humane Society features a doghouse and a plaque.

  1. The Mutt

A homeless man who owned a dog had an epileptic seizure in Goiania, Brazil. And an ambulance was summoned to carry the man to a hospital.

But the dog chased after the ambulance carrying his master through busy streets until the crew noticed his tenacity.

The ambulance pulled over and offered the mutt a ride to the hospital, where he stuck to his owner’s side for a long time.

  1. Burke the Teacup Great Dane

A Teacup Great Dane followed his master to an emergency room after a drunk driver accidentally crashed into his home.

The accident injured the dog’s owner and two others. However, the dog escaped the crash unhurt.

And a few days later, the dog was seen near the emergency room where his owner was since the accident. They were reunited several days later.

  1. Masha the Dachshund Mix

In Siberia, Russia, a dog owner was admitted into a hospital and eventually passed away. But for the next two years, the late patient’s dog kept visiting the hospitality, totally unaware that his master had passed away two years earlier.


The loyalty that dogs exhibit has been in place for thousands of years. Their loyalty and affection are unquestionable, as seen in the examples shared in this post.

Having a good understanding of their behaviour will bring out the best in our four-legged friends. And as long as you know, they deserve the best of everything, including love, food, shelter, and care, you can be sure to receive all that these beautiful creatures have to offer.

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