7 Summer Snacks That Are Perfect For Picnics

Summer has finally arrived! The weather is warmer, the skies are clearer, and the flowers and plants are blossoming – which means it’s the perfect time to head to the nearest park or beach for a picnic with family or friends. Grab a few picnic essentials like a vibrant blanket, a few paper plates and cups, some freshly squeezed juice, some yummy and easy-to-carry picnic snacks, and pick a perfect sunny location to spend the entire day with your loved ones, picnicking. 

The hardest part of planning a picnic is the food. You need to take something that is loved by all. Here we bring you some delicious summer snacks that pack up perfectly and taste yummy in the sunshine. Be it a park or someone’s backyard, these snacks can turn your mundane picnic into a sunny celebration. 

The very easy-to-make and carry burger sliders are loved by everyone. Just add a mini ground beef patty, some caramelized onions, and gooey melted cheese in between two soft buns and you’ll have the perfect all-American beef slider at the ready. You can make many of them for everyone and also bring some sauces along so everyone can have some add-ons for their sliders. 

  • A Do-it-Yourself Taco Station

Pack some taco shells, guacamole, salsa, some yummy sour cream, and some shredded meat, and have a do-it-yourself taco station at your next picnic. Let everyone assemble their own taco as per their own choices. You can even play a game and make everyone compete on how many tacos they assemble in a minute. 

  • Some Healthy Options

If you are going for a picnic with your diet-conscious friends, you can pack some healthy food options for them. Some caesar salad wraps or vegetarian burritos are both good options of low-fat food for your friends who are health fanatics. You can even opt for some simple salads like tomato and avocado salad, or greek salad if you want to keep things effortless and basic, yet still delicious. 

  • You Can Never Go Wrong With Sandwiches

Sandwiches are the quintessential picnic food. They are easy to make, easy to transport, and easy to eat. 

  • Chips and Dips

What is better than having a flavorsome dip with some salty chips for your next picnic in the park? There is just something about dipping food into a tasty concoction. You can have some hummus and pita bread, or some salsa and guacamole paired with tortilla chips.

  • A Fancy Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie is all about being creative and knowing the art of assembling assortments of meats that usually include chicken or turkey cold cuts and pairing them up with some cheese, crackers, grapes, strawberries, and nuts. 

  • A Hassle-free Baked Goods Bundle

If you don’t want to go through the fuss of planning, making, and packing the food for the picnic, why not order a bundle full of your favorite baked goods? Just head over to sweetsnacking.com and order a family favorite bundle filled with the most delicious snacks and baked goods that your friends and family will enjoy munching on. They have a variety of bundles to choose from. You can even order something specially designed for the kids. Their bite-size snack collection has a variety of assortments in small sizes that are best for the kids. 

Now that you have a bunch of options to decide from. Call up your friends, family members and loved ones, and start planning that picnic outing you all have been waiting for, for a while.