A Perfect Guide For Your Amazon Suspended Account

It’s miserable or complicated when you make up one morning and see that your Amazon seller account is suspended. It’s like a nightmare for those who use Amazon as a way of their livelihood. So, now when you want to get back your Amazon suspended account, you should first know Amazon Suspension. And how to conduct for an Amazon suspension appeal.

What Is Amazon Suspension?

Amazon suspension is for the sellers. Your account is being suspended from the marketplace, and you can’t sell your products there anymore. And when Amazon stops your account, they will state the reason for doing so through your email.

What Are The Reasons For It?

There are a few explanations that may cause your account suspension. 

  • Bad Performance

You should always maintain your reputation and keep your seller performance as a seller. Amazon analyses all the sellers and if your products are getting bad reviews daily. Then Amazon may suspend your account.

  • Violating The Policy

While you sign up to become an Amazon seller, you accept the rules and regulations of this marketplace. And it’s mandatory to follow them, and going against those rules can cause suspension of your seller account. 

  • Fraud Product

It will know when you try to sell a fraudulent product on Amazon. Your account will show evidence of defective or fake products through your feedback. So to maintain their reputation, Amazon may suspend your account.

Can You Apply For An Amazon Suspension Appeal?

When you see your Amazon suspended account, the first thing you need to do is to stay calm. If you panic, you may make the wrong decision which may cause you to lose your account permanently. And don’t you think about opening a new account. Just follow a few steps, and you may get your seller account back. 

Appealguru is the best way you can try to get back your account. They will look into your problems and help you to solve them. After you see your account is suspended, talk to a professional and send an Amazon suspension appeal instantly. 

Through appealguru they will provide you with Amazon suspension appeal service and a perfect plan of action. And with the help of that, there is a high chance that you’ll get back your selling account and start selling your products again.

Is Amazon Suspension Avoidable?

Avoiding Amazon suspended account is possible, but you need to remember a few things and follow them.

  • If you get back your Amazon seller account after so much trouble, always learn from your experience.
  • Then it would help if you looked after the feedback of your customers. Pay attention to the negative feedback and try to improve what you lack.
  • Always maintain your stock. When you are a seller, you should know what products are in demand. You should always keep your store updated and won’t accept the order if you don’t have the product in stock.
  • Another essential thing is never to sell restricted or damaged products to your customer.


From realising about Amazon suspended account to Amazon suspension appeal appealguru will help you throughout all the problems. But it’s better to avoid the harm before it’s too late. When using a marketplace as a source of your income, don’t take it for granted. Use it while maintaining all rules and regulations.