Bedside Styling: How To Style Your Bedside Table

Your bedroom is your sanctuary for relaxing, resting and reflecting each and every night, so it’s more than fair that you should make it as gorgeous and calming as possible! When you’re styling a room, you obviously start with the centrepiece and then the other much larger items of furniture. In the bedroom the centrepiece is, quite clearly, the bed. Once you have the bed placed, you’re going to be focusing on wardrobes, cabinets, mirrors, rugs and soft furnishings. After all that hard work, you might want to throw in the decorating towel and call it a day, however, there is just one more area that could use some of your creative talents! Your bedside table. It’s all about function, but with a little love and attention, it can do so much more than that! Here’s some tips and tricks for styling your bedside table, with a few inspirational ideas along the way, too…

Consider the room as a whole

First things first, you need to consider the tone and feel of your room as a whole. Take a look at the kind of decor you’ve got going on, maybe you love an edgy industrial look? You’ll need to use only natural materials for your bedside styling. Perhaps you’re more into colourful eclecticism? You should put together a more boho feeling bedside table scene. By matching your styling to the room as a whole, you’re ensuring that everything feels coherent and flows seamlessly, which is important for good design.

Use a colour palette

A perfect bedside table is going to follow a colour palette, now, this largely depends on the above step. Take your entire bedroom into account first and try to echo three or four of the colours that you see around the room on your table. Using a palette gives your shopping and collecting some much needed direction – there’s just too much to choose from out there!

Stick to groups of three

This is a bit of a rule in the world of interior design, and if you want to put together your styling like a pro, you’ll need to stick to it. Odd numbers are more pleasing to our eye, and in order to keep things ordered you should try and stick to just three objects. If you have more room to play with, you can kick it up to five.

Keep it roomy

Remember that you need some free space on that table for your nighttime glass of water, book or tablet. Keep a patch of free space right next to your bed to avoid knocking over anything in the night or having to fumble in the dark when you’ve woken up seriously parched.

Make it personal

Add a few pieces from your personal collection to keep it nice and personal! Your bedroom really is the most personal room of your house so why not embrace that fact and make it totally unique to you. Place one of your favourite photographs, a flower that you adore or a trinket dish that you bought when travelling – anything that’s going to make you smile and feel that little bit more like you and you alone.

Turn function into fashion

You probably need a lamp next to your bed, it’s kind of one of the main functions of having a bedside table there. Look for an ornate lamp that’s going to turn that functionality into something truly fashionable! This is an easy way of styling up your bedside table without much effort at all.

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