Purchasing a home is one of the most crucial decisions that people take in their life. Not only just physical property but also beautiful interiors, pieces of jewelry, and a lot more valuable assets, that people buy to decorate their homes. To secure and protect this investment, people take home insurance plans that can help to cover any natural or unnatural damages such as fires, storms, explosions, floods, burglaries, etc. Dubai is known as one of the most strict and safest cities, but incidents can still change circumstances. Home insurance is not so expensive, you can easily afford home insurance dubai.

Home insurance depends on the situation whether you are the owner or a renter, authorities can comfortably provide you insurance. There is some home insurance that can cover your uncertain losses such as buildings insurance and contents insurance. It has a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Protection from natural destructions: natural disasters are the worst nightmare, whether you are a homeowner or renter such as floods, storms, earthquakes, etc. It takes a huge amount of money to rebuild your home and recovering every damage can be stressful. But home insurance can provide you complete coverage for your losses.
  • Financial and social security: Extensive home insurance in Dubai is so cost-effective that starts from 1 dirham per day. You have to check the accurate amount of coverage for the household, before purchasing a home or content insurance. Not only physical property but it also includes garage to home’s contents. If no one watches your home when you are traveling or staying outside, home insurance can secure your property.
  • Certain or uncertain damages: there are certain or unforeseen incidents that could occur in your homes such as fires, explosions, aircraft damage, and burglaries. Fires are pretty terrifying that can lead to plenty of damage. Any gas leak explosions or certain explosion damage will be covered by house insurance.
  • Insurance plan benefits: there are two types of plans that people can take for the well-being and safety of any household such as content and building insurance. Content only covers your personal belongings such as TVs, kitchen and laundry appliances, sofas, carpets, chairs, etc. It also includes accidental damage, and damage in transit, like if you smash or drop any of your favorite items. Many policies offer to remove or extend cover such as a mobile, or laptop. Home insurance covers your house’s property from any damage such as fire or storm damage. It also includes the possessions owner’s liability, which is also covered. You can take both types to protect your house.
  • Plans and support: some authorities can manage to allow policies for the renters, and your place can still be protected from home renters. Any point in time, unannounced emergencies can happen, so authorities are always on their toes to help you.
  • Value of time: When people are discussing home insurance, people have in their mind that it must be extortionate. But it is affordable for you and your pocket. A fire and AC leak can cause thousands of dirhams from your pocket, but home insurance can save your dirhams. People may also think about completing lots of paperwork, but it can be done online.
  • Additional cover options: authorities are capable of making policies for protecting domestic helpers against medical and repatriation expenses, death, and funeral costs. If you are a collector of art or rear items of high value, you can take these policies that cover the costs of these specific items.


People with a tight budget in Dubai can also afford home insurance easily. If anything worst comes, your expensive and valuable objects can be covered in no time. While you are traveling, home insurance can protect your house. They will also be able to provide you with travel insurance.