Best Australian Desserts that Patisseries in Sydney Have


Do you have a sweet tooth? If your mouth waters when someone mentions sweets, the Aussies are here to amuse you with their grand collection of super delicious desserts. Starting from finger-licking pastries to wobbling jellies, Sydney has it all to entice sweet-lovers around the world. So if you plan to visit Australia, don’t miss out on any patisserie in Sydney, or you’ll surely regret it.

What Does Sydney Offer in Desserts?

Cakes, pastries, and jellies are irresistible. When they come with great variation, they become unavoidable. Australia never stops tempting your sweet tooth with its unique sweetmeats. Here are some desserts you can’t afford to miss.


Twinning the delicacy of meringue and marshmallow with fresh fruits and whipped cream, Pavlova offers a heavenly softness from the inside and a crunchy crispness from the outside. Named in honour of the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, this item has enticed sweet lovers since the 1920s. Fresh fruits as a topping—kiwi, berries, passion fruit, or mango—can be chosen according to the season.

Pink Lamington Jelly Cakes

Infused with the goodness of chocolate, jam, and coconut, this dessert is a delight to slice with your spoon. The spongy lamington perfectly melts in your mouth, giving your taste buds a treat.

Tim Tam

Two iconic dark chocolate layers of burst biscuits entwined between a layer of rich, creamy chocolate make the mouth-melting Tim Tam. It is known globally for its irresistible taste and charm. The chocolaty treat can be made of white chocolate, caramel, or double-layered dark chocolate that will titillate your taste buds.

Giant Picnic Cake

Not only will you feel the nuts within your mouth, trapped in the streaks of caramel, but you will also taste the cake. One slice of the giant picnic cake is enough to make you crazy. If you are a cake lover, you just can’t get enough of its goodness.

Jelly Slice

This item consists of three layers of jelly, custard, and cream on a biscuit. The dessert is often made more lucrative with fresh fruit toppings that match the colour of the jelly. Whether you prefer mango jelly, orange, or a layer of luscious strawberry, the jelly slice is bound to trigger your appetite at first glance.

Beetroot Cake with Orange Frosting

This colourful delicacy is made up of grated beetroot, applesauce, and tangy orange that make it healthy and tasty at the same time. To allure you more, the cake is topped with an orangey cream cheese frosting garnished with passion fruit. Tempting, isn’t it?

Vegemite Brownie

Who said desserts should always be sweet? You can even fall in love with salty caramelised Vegemite layered with bitter creamy chocolate. Its unique taste is bound to provoke your senses and make you euphoric.


Last but never the least, Lamington is the most popular dessert in Aussie kitchens and bakehouses. A spongy layer of cake wrapped perfectly with melted dark chocolate plus the goodness of crunchy grated coconuts will send you into raptures. Lamington can also be made more tempting when coupled with jam or a layer of cream.

Summing Up

You must be convinced by now to put patisserie in Sydney high on your wishlist. Don’t forget to fill your pocket with enough bucks and try not to lose yourself in front of the display.