9 Best Tea Varieties To Keep You Energised.


Sipping a cup of steaming tea on a rainy day is heavenly. If you’re a tea lover, you must have wandered around the brewery section of your departmental store and felt overwhelmed. Your lack of acumen is never a shortcoming when it comes to your favourite energy drink. You may think that preparing a mug of tea is the easiest task. But pouring the right proportion of milk over the brewing leaves or adding the right amount of sugar takes skill. While you’re no stranger to making everyday tea, you may feel like experimenting with your drink someday to overcome your daily monotony. Here are 9 energising tea varieties to make your regular tea memorable and delicious.

Fresh Mint Herbal Tea:

Your Monday morning gets a lot better with the super-fresh taste of menthol when you add some mint leaves to your brewing cup. This herb is easy to grow in your kitchen garden or procure from your local market. Naturally caffeine-free, this drink keeps you energetic throughout the day and uplifts your mood.

Lemongrass Ginger Iced Tea:

Iced tea recipes start with black tea bags with ginger and lemongrass. Ginger adds a tinge to your beverage, and it can be served with the freshness of squeezed lime.

Hong Kong Iced Tea:

This milk-loaded iced tea hails from Hong Kong and is prepared with sweetened condensed milk or evaporated milk. The flavour of this tea depends on how long you brew your leaves. So let it boil longer if you desire a stronger brew.

Thai Iced Tea:

Loaded with the exotic taste of real spices and high-quality black tea, this iced tea will kickstart your day uniquely. You can serve a pot at your tea party and enjoy appraisals from your guests.

Masalewali Chai:

Originating in India, this mixed-spice tea with black tea leaves and milk gives a soothing warmth if you suffer from seasonal flu. You can adjust the spice levels to enjoy an indigenous taste once you master the recipe.

Orange Mint Tea:

Blend the sweet and sour taste of orange with the freshness of mint to celebrate summer in your cup. This refreshing iced tea recipe makes your noon cooler even when the sun scorches above your head. Add to the refreshment by garnishing your cup with a slice of orange and mint leaves.

Turmeric Tea:

With immense health benefits, turmeric tea boosts your immunity, all the while leaving a delightful aroma. While it couples well with green tea, turmeric tea can also be enjoyed with black tea leaves to make your day healthy.

Yuzu Citron Tea:

The Korean “Yuja cha” is a traditional drink of citrus fruit and honey. With a tinge of fruitiness, it aptly warms you up during a shivering winter morning.

Cucumber Mint Green Tea:

The cooling taste of cucumber puree, complemented with the freshness of lime juice and mint leaves, makes your green tea extra tasty and healthy.

The Bottom Line:

Whether an exotic recipe or your indigenous preparation, the strong aroma of a brewing cup of morning tea is enough to make your day. Lay back on your couch and enjoy the pleasure of your favourite drink with blends of spice or the freshness of mint.