Channel the health of your family with a healthy lunch box

For your children to be active, it is necessary that they have healthy lunch and snacks. However, you cannot do that without a perfect Food carrier [ปิ่นโต, which is the term in Thai]. Different food products have different features some are liquid, solid others may be perishable and non-perishable. To preserve these type of foods you need to use different lunch boxes that can keep them locked in safely till the time they are to be eaten.

Different types of lunch boxes are available using a variety of materials. Liquid foods can be placed in airtight containers, which will restrict them from spilling. There are steel boxes as well as plastic lunch boxes. Every type of containers have different functions, and they are to be used differently. There are also lunch boxes that can be used to microwave them.

Food safety suggestions for food carrier

  • Choose a food carrier that has a freezer pack or an insulated food carrier. This will to keep the food cool for a longer period of time. Thus, avoiding the possibility of early deterioration. The will be eatable for a longer period of time.
  • While preparing food, you should use hygienic methods to prepare food. It is important, especially when the food is going to be stored in a closed container for a long time before eating.
  • Perishable foods like dairy products, meats, eggs, etc. should be packed in a cool box. Packing these foods immediately after cooking can generate a bad smell in them. Hence, the foods should be kept only after it has cooled down.

Food suggestions for food carrier

  • Fruit: One of the best choices of food is fruit. Fruits can be kept in the box for a longer period. Fresh fruits should be used so that they can be kept for a long period of time before eating.
  • Vegetables: It is very important that you include vegetables in the meal of your children because of their rich source of vital nutrients. Packing the food in lunch boxes will help them preserve it for eating.
  • Milk and yogurt: Keeping these food items without spilling is a difficult task. However, now, new food carriers are designed that can easily hold milk and any other liquid food item. These type of food carrier are airtight and avoid any spillage.
  • Bread: Bread is one product which can be kept for a longer time without the worry of them getting perished and are favorites of children if provided with jam or sauce.
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