Choosing The Right Cannabis Container

When it comes to cannabis storage, not just any cannabis container will get the job done. Many cannabis users will commit major grievances with their herb by placing the plant in simple Tupperware containers, or even worse – plastic baggies. Let’s take a look at the different techniques of proper cannabis storage, and also the best cannabis containers available for dispensaries and everyday users.

  • Storing Cannabis Correctly

Light, air, moisture, and temperature: these are the four elements you have to consider when you’re choosing a cannabis container. The container must keep out all light, contain an element of humidity, all while maintaining the proper temperature.

Temperatures between 77° and 86° are not optimal because this range is a breeding ground for mold and mildews. In the most ideal situation, you want to store your weed at cold temperatures between 32° and 68° when stored in this range, you can expect your cannabis to stay fresh for up to a year before losing any THC levels at all.

  • How Long Can You Store Cannabis?

Even when stored correctly, the THC still breaks down and dissipates over time. If you choose to store your cannabis properly, this degradation process will take almost a year to really make an impact, compared to a week of improper storage. As anyone who has ever returned to their stash to find only dry buds knows, learning how to store cannabis is vital.

Additionally, there is the problem of your weed being too moist, at which point it can become moldy. Research has shown that your stash loses 16% of its THC after the 1st year, 26% after the 2nd, 34% after the 3rd, and 41% after the 4th.

  • Improper Cannabis Containers

If you try to store your cannabis in plastic bags, then the trichomes that produce the marijuana high and its effects will get stuck to the sides of the bag due to static electricity. If you keep your weed in glass mason jars, a common trend, then the constant exposure to sunlight can quickly dry out your cannabis. The best case scenario for cannabis storage is dark and dank. That’s why many premium cannabis storage containers are designed to be used in conjunction with humidifier packets like Boveda.

If you absolutely have to use a mason jar to store your weed, then it’s best to keep it in the darkest corner of your kitchen cabinets to avoid any unnecessary exposure to sunlight. Airtight containers, like glass ones used for food storage in the kitchen, are an excellent alternative to plastic bags and mason jars. However, without the proper perfect seal, humidity packs, and ability to read humidity levels these regular airtight kitchen containers just don’t cut it. Due to the current marijuana boom, there are several manufacturers which make specialized airtight containers, to preserve cannabis for as long as possible.

  • Best Weed Containers

Luckily smoking weed that has become dry is not going to kill you, but it’s also not going to get you very high either. Moldy weed, on the other hand, should not be messed with because ingesting mold spores of any kind can be detrimental to your health. You can tell moldy weed by the smell, and obvious mold growth on the flower. Don’t obsess over it, unless your a dispensary owner, but your best bet to keeping your cannabis fresh is controlling temperature and humidity while avoiding exposure to sunlight.

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