Christmas Gift Ideas for World Travelers (That They’ll Actually Like)

It’s not easy shopping for a frequent traveler. In addition to considering what the recipient likes, you have to consider whether your gift can be easily transported and useful while traveling. It’s a tall order, and one that causes a lot of head scratching come the Christmas season.

Don’t get that world traveler in your life yet another diary notebook or travel pillow (they get those enough). Think about what might make their travels easier, what small tools or pieces of clothing might solve certain unavoidable problems while on the road.

To get you started on the right track, here are a few Christmas gift ideas that the world traveler in your life will actually love.

Merino Wool Shirts

Merino wool is the perfect travel fabric. It’s comfortable, it dries quickly, it wicks away sweat in the heat and goes well with santa hat and it’s insulating in the cold. On top of that – and this is why travelers especially love it – it has the ability to stay fresh for weeks. Not days, but weeks. Merino wool’s antimicrobial properties stop the growth of the BO-causing bacteria that plagues other types of fabric.

To give the traveler in your life the gift of a fresh trip, find merino wool shirts for men that are both high quality and good looking.

Bluetooth Speaker

Music is such an important part of travel; it can connect you to home, make uneasy experiences more tolerable and provide a happy soundtrack to your day-to-day travels. It can also, when played among friends new or old, provide the perfect convivial atmosphere. A portable Bluetooth speaker will allow the traveler in your life to pump the tunes whenever and wherever they find themselves.

Portable Charger

When your phone dies at home, you just find the nearest wall charger and you’re all set. Things are markedly different when travelling however – especially when traveling in a developing part of the world. Travelers often rely on their phone for maps, emergency contacting and entertainment. Giving the gift of a portable charger means giving some peace of mind.

A SteriPen

If you’ve never seen the SteriPen in action, here’s how it works: it’s a UV wand that you dunk in water and it sterilizes 99.999 percent of the bacteria, viruses and protozoa in the water, making it potable. It even works on river water. It’s a godsend for anyone who travels to places where fresh water is either scarce, inconvenient or expensive.

Portable Espresso Machine

This is getting slightly into “kitsch” territory, but it’s safe to say that pretty much any traveler who’s suffered through bad coffee would love to receive a portable espresso machine. The most popular one is the Handspresso, which really does pull a good espresso shot.

A Travel Guide to Their Next Location

Where is the traveler in your life off to next? Thailand, Cuba, Greece, Tanzania, Australia…? Wherever they’re going, they will certainly appreciate some guidance. Guidebooks, like Lonely Planet, Rough Guides or Frommer’s make for excellent stocking stuffers or gifts.

Give that special traveler a useful, thoughtful gift this Christmas, and they are guaranteed to think of you the next time they’re off on a far-flung journey.

A Bamboo Coffee Cup

A reusable bamboo coffee cup is ideal for the eco-conscious traveller. Made from organic bamboo and stainless steel, the goBambu travel mug is an eco-friendly alternative to disposable mugs. It’s also super lightweight meaning it’s easy to take with you when travelling from place to place.
Following the eco theme, you could always throw in a bamboo toothbrush as a unique stocking filler.
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