Common Electrical Mistakes to Avoid in Your Home

Western Sydney is one of Australia’s fastest developing regions, housing over half of Sydney’s growth. As such, a rapidly growing population demands energy, and over 70 per cent of this demand is met by electricity.

This has led to an increase in the average energy consumption per capita and per household over the last few decades. However, the rise in electrical consumption is not devoid of risks. Here are some safety tips for families as recommended by every expert electrician Western Sydney:

Unfamiliar With Your Electric Panel

You can mostly see electric panels in remote parts of a home, such as a basement, a utility closet, or a garage. The panel contains a series of switches that route electricity to different parts of your home. You may experience the breaker trip, which prevents an overload of power. 

An occasional trip may not be of concern, and it can be corrected by flipping the panel switch to the ON position. However, repeated occurrence or hot panels may indicate a bigger problem that needs immediate attention.

Did you know that an average of 20 people are fatally injured every year due to unintentional electrocution? The most common reasons involved in the incidents are electrical appliances, overhead power lines, and direct contact with electric wires. Hence, make it a point to ensure periodic inspection from an expert electrician in Western Sydney for ensuring electrical safety.

Using Incorrectly Sized Wires and Cables

Electrical wires come in different sizes and are referred to as gauges. These different sizes serve various purposes with the gauge indicating specific areas where wires find their use. Using a wrong-sized wire may cause fuse shorting, overheating, or other hazards. Hence, ensure that appropriately rated wires find their application in the right places.  

Forgetting to Childproof Your Electrical Outlets

While electrical injuries involving children in Australia are less frequent than those in other age groups, children’s electrical safety cannot be overlooked. Often, children under the age of 5 suffer injuries and are hospitalised for treatment.

Childproofing the electrical outlets in your home may prevent your child from suffering a shock. Ensure proper coverage of the outlets by the time or well before your baby starts to crawl.

Not Using Surge Protector to Guard Electronics

Exposure to the electric current due to contact with switches, cords, and domestic appliances are the common causes of hospitalisation in Australia. Recent years in the past have witnessed over 1000 hospitalisations due to direct exposure to electricity.

Electronic appliances in your home may experience a power surge, mostly after a power outage, which affects their functioning. Coming in contact with a burst of power rushing out of standard outlets is something you would want to avoid. Instead, use a surge protector to protect yourself from the excess energy while also safeguarding your valuable electronics.

When it comes to dealing with electric problems at home, handling the issue yourself is one of the costly approaches you can take. Do not underestimate the services of an expert electrician, who ensures complete safety for your family. 

There is hardly any substitute for hiring a professional to attend to the electrical concerns of your home. Having professional aid helps you identify these mistakes and take proactive steps to avoid future electrical accidents.