Efficient Ways to Use Your Car Tie Down Straps

A car tie-down strap will secure the vehicle to your flatbed or trailer to ensure that it locks into place and doesn’t move around during the trip. Car movers and dealerships use this simple but effective tool to secure their transport. When you buy car tie down straps, it should include the “E” fittings that would fit into the wheel chocks, heavy-duty straps with e-clips, and retractable ratchets.

Some retailers include fastening kits, while some do not. Make sure to check the lashing capacity, which should be at least 2,000 kilograms. However, if you are not into the car moving business, you may think that buying tie-down straps or ratchet straps are a bad investment. After safely transporting your car to the next destination, what else are you going to do with them?

Other Ways to Optimise Use of Your Car Tie-Down Straps

  1. Secure your cargo — Movers also use tie-down straps to secure their heavy boxes. The gadget is flexible enough that you can fasten your cargo into place whether you are using a flatbed, van, or a pick-up truck. You can even loop your grocery bags and boxes on the back of your truck without worrying about them during a long trip.
  2. Swing or tightrope — Planning on camping on a lake or outdoors. The ratchet straps can be converted into makeshift swing so that you can sway from the higher ground and onto the lake. Or how about a bit of competition? Tie the strap between trees and you have a tightrope. Whoever can walk the line the longest can get a reward. 
  3. Secure your motorbikes, ATVs and bicycles — Who says that car tie down straps are only for cars? Since the straps are adjustable, they can easily be used to other types of transport, as well. 
  4. Tow vehicles — The one hallmark of these tie-down straps is their tensile strength. Although they are designed to secure cargoes in place, they are strong enough to pull another vehicle in case of mechanical failure or if it is stuck in the mud. The straps are typically made of nylon that stretches just enough to avoid any time of damage to both vehicles.
  5. Tying a kayak or surfboard on your roof rack — Of course, you do not restrict yourself to a kayak or the surfboard since you can essentially secure large cargoes that do not fit inside your car.
  6. DIY carpentry projects — These straps make excellent assistance if you are working alone in your craft shop. By securing them into place, you can make accurate cuts or carve ornate designs without worrying that they will move around and mess up your work.
  7. If you are buying those ready-made metal cabinets and storage for your garage, the tie straps would be an excellent option to make sure they do not fall over. It is an added safety feature, especially if you have small kids and pets in the house that frequently play in your garage.

Before buying your car tie down straps, make sure first to check the gross weight of your vehicle. You can look it up from your manual or on the Internet, and focus your attention on the working load limit or WLL numbers. Finally, empty the contents inside, especially those that are not secured in place because they might damage the interior.