The idea of “beauty in simplicity” has gained popularity over time. Gone are the days when luxurious in-your-face designs were the in thing. Many want their design to tell stories of old, and eras long past with just a taste of modernity for efficiency. Many are now going for the rustier and simpler look. The misconception is that for a design to be classy or luxurious, it has to have many decorative pieces, but you can create a simple design with fewer décor pieces and it will be classy, elegant, and luxurious. Instead of placing different pieces, you opt for large art and design pieces that and give design style better and also reduce the clutter of the use of many pieces.

Many are now incorporating cottage core design in decorating. The cottage core design is another way of bringing your fantasies to life in your design. The cozy and romantic atmosphere of cottage design projects is what attracts most to it. One of the elements that make cottage design interesting is its appreciation for nature and which is incorporated into practically every aspect of its design. it is a personal and romantic nature-driven design that reflects cozy and productive life. Decorating with scented candles will add simplicity to wooden furnishings, and add warmth to the room If you are looking to join the trend of cottage core design, you need to understand the basics of the cottage core design.

The basics of cottage core are simplicity, comfort, self-reliance, and nature. These basics should be the focus of every aspect of your style and design for you to be able to achieve cottage core design. Starting from the furniture, to wall art, and to other pieces that make up the décor, that rustic and simple design has to be evident. 

Even though cottage core promotes simple pared-down design and style, it differs from minimalism in that it does not focus on the basics of negative space and clean lines. There is still a level of clutter in cottage core design that is absent in minimalism. Here are some tips and ideas for cottage core design one needs to consider.

Keeping the basics for cottage core design in mind, you can decorate your home space to fit your taste. When decorating, you need to make use of natural materials. Whether wooden furniture, baskets for blankets, or metal lamps, natural materials are essentially one of the major elements in cottage core design.

The use of vintage furniture and antiques is also essential. The essential of cottage core is home design, meaning that the use of antique furniture helps add to the rustic look. This is because the furniture and items from that era help with the general appeal and charm cottage core are known for and give you a nostalgic feeling.

You also need to understand the contrast between colors and how to apply them to your design. cottage core is more into the use of eclectic color and texture. Earth tones and flora patterns are quite prevalent in the cottage core. This is also associated with the use of wall arts and other wall decorations.

DIY decorations are an encouraging approach in the cottage core design, from hand woven mats to blankets, beddings, and much more. Cottage core encourages and promotes the use of homemade elements in a design. Also is the need for sustainable habits like growing your garden, which supports the idea of self-reliance prevalent in cottage core design.