Different Features in Apple Watch Series 7

With time Apple has gained a lot of popularity among the people. It is all because of the premium phones and accessories that it is coming up in the market. On September 14, 2021, Apple has announced their latest apple watch series 7. This watch is featuring an always-on retina display that has more screen display and thin borders. The always-on feature and narrower borders provide maximum screen areas. The design of the Apple watch series 7 has been refined to soft corners and a unique refractive edge that makes the watch full screen. So, if you are a big fan of Apple, you must check out the apple watch series 7 price in Dubai. Accordingly, the most interested person can start investing in them.

Apple Watch Series 7 is one of the sturdiest watches till date. It has been made stronger and cracks resistant. It is for the first time that Apple Watch has IP6X certification that is for the resistance of watch from dust and also retains water. The new Apple watch continues to offer health and wellness tools that will include heart sensors and ECG apps, blood oxygen sensor app. This watch can be connected to different workout types like the mindfulness app. All these are innovative and highly accessible features of all times. The user can easily have access to messages, calls, and photos through the watch.

This new watch has been introduced in five new aluminium case finishes and along with a different band of new colour and style. The company claims to offer people, one of the smartest watch in the market. It comes with so many new capabilities that will surely help the users in tracking their activities, workouts, and also understand their overall health in a better way.

Some of the features of the Apple Watch Series 7 is given below:

  • New design and interface: The newest launch of the Apple Watch has come up with a new design and interface. It now provides 20% more of the screen than the previous series watch. This design will help the user to use the watch to its full capacity. The watch series 7 is available in 41mm and 45 mm. the retina display is 70% brighten indoors than in the Apple watch series 6. Even the user interface takes advantage of the shape and size of the display. It now comes with two large fonts styles.
  • Most durable Apple watch ever: The Company has redesigned the Apple watch series 7 and made it more robust. The design of the watch makes it more durable and crack resistant. It is certified with IP6X which makes it a great option for extreme environments like deserts and even swimming.
  • Faster charging:The best part about the Apple watch series 7 is that it has great battery life. It can provide up to 18 hours long battery life on a single charge. Even it gets 33% fast charging which adds more to the utility of the watch.
  • watchOS 8: The watchOS 8 has debuted in the market with different faces of the apple watch series 7. The new contour face of the watch makes it easier to dial right to the edge. It has new Modular Duo face leverages that provide with extra screen area. It has become very easy to connect the watch with the phone.

So overall, it can be concluded that Apple watches series 7 has brought some of the commendable changes that can grab the attention of the people. If you are an Apple lover, you must also wait for the new launch of iPhones in the market. Accordingly, you can look for iPhone 13 mini price in Dubai