Efficacy of Cylindrical Screen Printing Machines

Screen printing on bottle products isn’t as daunting as it appears. Going from 2D to 3D printing is effortless if you choose a reliable bottle printer machine. Whether your product is a glass or bottle, the procedure is more or less the same. There are two ways of screen printing, the first is gear oriented and the second is friction oriented. Both the approaches offer undistinguished printed results. The major different between the two approaches is the ease for operator changeover between two items on the cylindrical screen printer. The gear oriented machine offers easy and simple changeover between two items, while the friction driven tool needs time to set because it can fit in a wide array of different products.

Screen printing on bottle products need to be taken differently than flat screen printing. In order to image your screen frame, you have to ensure that the particular image area doesn’t surpass the circumference of the complete bottle. It is suggested to consider the circumference as an axis for the print area for the production of screen frame. Bottle screen printing also works on the screen frame moving forward and backward rather than keeping the screen stationary like in flat screen printing.

You may see that your product would need an adhesion promoting procedure. It isn’t the case when solvent based inks is used but recommended for UV inks. Flame treatment is majorly what you need for adhesion printing. UV inks offer instant service and needs a proper UV curing system to do the chemical action of the ink.

You may also need to print multi-color which can easily be done in the automatic cylindrical screen printing machine. The screen printing machine components are decked with high tolerances to make sure you receive precise printing every time. There are options for screen printing multi-color designs. It depends on you to select the kind of printing results you need on the cylindrical appliance.

When you need a bottle printer machine, you need to check it versatility first and find out whether it can accommodate different sizes or not and can it function without any sacrifice in the quality. One Tech offers you the most versatile flat and cylindrical screen printer machines. They offer great capabilities depending on your application and as they are automatic, you literally don’t have to do anything.

The machine is widely used in food and beverage industry, chemical and pharmaceutical sector, water bottle business and cosmetic industry. No matter what material you are using for the bottle, plastic, metal or glass, the machine can easily print on any surface. In order to get the best price on bottle printer machine, you should contact the industry experts at One Tech.

One Tech sets the standards of the industry with its high performing, durable screen printing machinery and tools. We offer all types of machineries, automatic and semi-automatic for optimum performance. You can get instant quote on the machinery from us and resolve all your bottle screen printing machine issues.

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