Find out the advantages of online scheduling for clinics and doctors’ offices

When a medical clinic provides channels for the patient to communicate with his team online, it is possible to perceive several advantages in the results of internal processes and in patient satisfaction. In this article, Reliefseeker will present the 5 advantages of offering the possibility of making an online appointment in a doctor’s office or clinic. Keep following.

After all, it ends up showing the public that your clinic or office is improving your services.

The internet connection made many good things possible! Your audience can learn more about you through social media or a Google search.

It became possible to communicate through social networks, e-mail and other channels. And not only that, because the internet also allows online appointments to be made! 

5 advantages of online scheduling for your clinic

Online scheduling can be implemented to facilitate communication with the patient and staff productivity. But not only that!

  1. Simplifies direct contact with the clinic

The online appointment can be made available through a link sent in the chat or made available on the clinic’s website. Thus, your patient can schedule your appointment on your own in a few clicks.

This means that the patient is able to get in direct contact with the clinic, in a very simple way.

His patients, who are also his clients, spend much of the day connected to the internet. Therefore, it is much easier for them to go to a link and choose the best time to be seen at your clinic, than to make a call or send a message and wait for a response.

In the Medplus System this is possible and this tool can simplify contact with the patient and optimize the scheduling.

  1. Increase the productivity of your clinical team

Increasing the productivity of the clinical team is the goal of several medical managers. Therefore, your management must find ways to streamline daily processes and decrease the error rate. 

A very efficient way to achieve this purpose is with the implementation of online scheduling, as it organizes communication between the patient and the clinic.

When using this tool, your secretary or receptionist will not spend time answering simple scheduling calls. Thus, you will be able to dedicate yourself to other more bureaucratic tasks, and even to calmly assist patients who are in the clinic physically. 

  1. Reduce connection costs

A traditional medical clinic has several expenses with the telephone bill, due to the high volume of calls made and received. 

Thus, the implementation of the online scheduling tool is a way to reduce call costs for patients. After all, the contact will be made through the internet connection.

It is also a way to enable a faster return, since several messages can be sent in a short period of time. Which means establishing practically instantaneous communication, greatly improving patient care and experience.

  1. Increase the virtual presence of the clinic

Firstly, it is necessary to remember that virtual presence is essential, since people, their patients, are interacting daily in this space. 

Online scheduling makes the clinic increase its virtual presence, since direct communication with patients will be made through social networks, online chat and easy access to the scheduling link. 

The fact that a medical clinic is present in the digital age can be considered as a differential in relation to competitors. It is also a fundamental practice to attract new patients and ensure the financial health of your clinic or doctor’s office.

  1. Improves patient satisfaction

This is perhaps one of the most important advantages of implementing online scheduling in a clinic. This tool, combined with the possibility of easily scheduling your medical appointment, is a guarantee of patient satisfaction. 

With the possibility of communicating easily with the clinic, the patient can be better received and cared for. In addition, the whole process of choosing a date that best suits the demands of your day becomes very easy for him. 

After all, people have a series of activities to do in one day, over a short period of time. By facilitating processes for your patients, you make them loyal!

And it’s important to remember that loyal patients don’t just come back whenever they need you. They also refer their work to friends and family, attracting new patients and maintaining a good flow of daily care. Positive scenario, considering that more assistance also means more cash. 

The advantages of having a management system that offers the online scheduling tool integrated with other tools!

The more digital tools used in your clinic or doctor’s office, the better results will come from your administration. And the benefits are even greater when these tools are integrated into just one system.

With the MedPlus System, your clinic or doctor’s office will have:


  • Complete financial management;
  • Tool to help fight defaults;
  • Electronic medical record;
  • Digital medical prescription;
  • Integrated digital signature;
  • Multiple communication channels;
  • Telemedicine tool ;
  • Link generation and complete tool for your patient to schedule online;

By having access to all these tools in one place, the manager promotes a quick and effective service, combined with highly efficient administrative management. 

Not forgetting the importance of dedicating yourself to both the technical part of management and patient care is very important. So we have to follow and talk more about patient loyalty. What practices have been put in place by you and your clinical staff to retain patients?