Golf waterproofs: why are they essential?

The UK weather is nothing short of unpredictable.

One minute temperatures are soaring and you need your cap and sunglasses to reduce the sun’s glare; the next you’re battling strong gusts of wind and it’s pouring down. The best thing to do when playing golf, year-round, is to prepare for all weathers (i.e. sun cream, an extra bottle of water, towel, pair of gloves, a beanie hat, waterproof golf jacket, etc).

Wearing the right clothing won’t instantly shave strokes off your handicap – granted – but on rainy golf days, you’ll be thankful you have a trusty pair of men’s golf waterproofs packed away in your bag.

Here we look at just 3 ways golf waterproofs can benefit you and your game:

  1. Keep you warm and dry

Playing winter golf isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – but you mustn’t let the weather get the better of you.

Whilst a rainproof jacket will protect you from the rain, and windproof garments will keep icy winds at bay, the great thing about waterproof golf suits is that water simply drops off them and they dry within a matter of minutes. Which means you can continue playing without the rain putting a damper on things.

The vast majority are designed by golfers, with golfers in mind. So, warmth, breathability and flexibility are a given. What’s more, they are lightweight – meaning they are easy to store in the pocket of your golf bag, won’t hinder your performance and won’t take forever to dry.

  1. Focus on your game

Is there anything worse than the heavens opening mid-way through your round? Your clothes clinging to you in all the wrong places and water trickling down your neck and back as you get ready to take your shot? Ok, so maybe that’s a tad dramatic and there are far worse things in life, but it’s mighty frustrating – especially if your performance starts to take a hit.

Whether it be a short, sharp shower or a constant drizzle – set for the day, a decent pair of golf waterproof trousers are sure to keep your bottom half dry, whilst a lightweight jacket is quick and easy to throw on over the top of your base layer, polo shirt, jumper or half-zip.

However, keeping waterproofs handy in case of a sudden downpour won’t just ensure your clothing underneath stays nice and dry. Oh no. It can work wonders for your game too, allowing you to power on through to the end.

  1. Tee-off as scheduled

Got to the course and it’s started raining? You may choose to wait in the car or the clubhouse until the rain stops (or at least eases), but the chances are you’ll be teeing off later than scheduled which could have a knock-on effect for other golfers.

If rain is forecast all day, the longer you leave it, the more puddles you’ll have to contend with! So, why not pull on your golf waterproofs and get on with it? The sooner you get out there, the sooner you’ll be home and dry.

Ready to invest in new golf waterproofs?

Great! Clarkes’ Golf Centre is a leading superstore in the North West and has an extensive range of golf waterproofs – available in all sizes, ranging from small, right the way through to double-XL. They also stock well-known brands, including Adidas, Callaway, FootJoy, Galvin Green, Sunderland, to name just a few, and guarantee competitive pricing.

There are a plethora of options on the market today – from practical golf waterproof suits to fashionable waterproof jackets which can be paired with any pair of waterproof golf trousers. To ensure you choose the best men’s golf waterproofs, remember to consider:

  • Breathability – golf waterproofs are designed for different climates. Some are made for cooler temperatures, so trap heat to keep the body warm, whilst others are designed for warmer climates and come with vents to ensure players remain cool and dry throughout.
  • Comfort – of course, golf waterproofs are supposed to keep you warm and dry but the freedom to move is also essential when it comes to maintaining the perfect swing. When shopping for a waterproof golf jacket, you need to make sure that it fits properly. It shouldn’t fit snug and cling to your body – there needs to be adequate room to stretch. You should be able to flex your shoulders and back during your swing.
  • Style and fit – men’s golf waterproofs are stylish yet practical. However, there is a fine line between apparel that offers a little extra leeway – giving you the flexibility you need to move and swing – and waterproofs that are excessively baggy. Luckily, some brands offer a tailored fit over a general fit. Perhaps keep an eye out for these if you want your golf waterproofs to fit comfortably over the top of your golf trousers, polo or sweatshirt.
  • Price tag – it’s worth noting that waterproof clothing doesn’t come ‘cheap’. The cost of golf waterproof suits, jackets and trousers can vary dramatically depending on the brand and level of waterproofing. But choose wisely, and take good care of them, and you can use them over and over again – making them a worthwhile investment.

For more information, feel free to get in touch with the team at Clarkes’ Golf today. Simply call 01744 885 294 or fill in the online enquiry form, and they’ll get back to you.