Grieshaber Dermatologists : How My Latisse Treatment Went

One day I met up with a friend for lunch and couldn’t quite work out what it was that was different about her. She looked amazing and I found out that she’d had latisse treatment from Grieshaber Dermatologists and it’s something that really brought out the beauty of her eyes.

I was so impressed by the results she was enjoying that I decided to treat myself and so, I started by looking at the Grieshaber Dermatologists website to find out more details about the cost and duration of the treatment. 

Once I was happy with the company and that latisse treatment was for me, I contacted them and booked myself in. I have to say that from that moment to the end, I felt looked after, with all my questions being answered quickly and with a full explanation. 

So, What About the Treatment Itself?

Ok, so to start with, the practitioner providing the treatment for me on the day took lots of time to get to know me and what I was looking for. Then, he talked me through what I was about to experience while describing what he was about to apply.

For the uninitiated, latisse is an FDA-approved product that actually started off life as medical eye drops used to treat glaucoma. It just so happens that it’s also great for making your eyelashes fuller and thicker. The fact that it was formulated to be safe to be placed onto the eye itself means that there’s no worry about it causing irritation. 

What Was the Treatment Like?

The initial consultation was basically to show me how to apply the product and to ensure that it was right for me. So, it’s something that only took a few minutes to carry out as I was shown how to apply the solution to the top eyelid and let it do its work.

I was informed by the Grieshaber Dermatologists experts that I shouldn’t expect to see results straight away and that I should always use the special applicator I was given. The most important bit of advice I got was to apply it every night without fail, because that’s the only way I would get to see results after 2-3 months or so. 

Would I Recommend It to Others?

Absolutely, yes. I was lucky enough to get noticeable results after just 6 weeks and this became more pronounced over the following days. I would recommend Latisse to anyone wanting fuller, longer lashes or people who are suffering with receding lashes. 

Since getting the fullest eyelashes I’ve ever had, all I need to do now is reapply just 2-3 days every week. That way I always have the best, fullest lashes anyone could wish for and I’ve even had people commenting how beautiful my lashes are. 

You Can Put Your Trust In Grieshaber Dermatologists

Since then, I’ve been back to Grieshaber for laser treatment, dermaplaning and a few botox sessions and I’ve got nothing but good things to say. As a relative novice to dermatology, I now wish that I’d considered using their services much sooner.

Whatever it is you’re looking to improve about your skin, I’m certain that they’ll look after you as they did me.