Guide to Choose Best Taps and Mixers For Kitchen Sinks

The range of kitchen tapware which you have to choose from is immense and this is why we have put together a handy guide to help you navigate this tough environment.

No matter what kind of style you have gone for in the kitchen, the taps are going to be a striking feature and they can greatly help bring that style to life. Getting the decision right is not easy and you really need to know your stuff before you go out looking. There are many styles and materials to choose from, and here are the options you have in front of you.

Tap Styles

Kitchen taps come in all shapes and sizes and in terms of which style you should be looking for, this decision will mainly come down to the functionality that you need in the kitchen. For example, you could choose a monobloc tap which features a single lever and two handles, you could choose a pillar tap which features a left and right top for hot and cold or you could opt for a deck mixer which features a single spout and a lever to alter the temperature. Additionally, you could also look to get a hose installed which is great for rinsing plates and pans.


Materials for taps generally range from brass to stainless steel, as well as a zinc alloy. The key difference in terms of the materials used comes from the finish which you have placed onto the tap, and this will depend on the style of your kitchen.

Plated finishes come in chrome, polished and brushed, nickel, brass, gold or you could even get matt coloured finishes like black. The decision around materials will be based on budget and the level of durability which you are looking for, the finish will be dictated by the style of the kitchen.

Water Pressure

It is important that you understand what water pressure you have in the kitchen as some kitchen mixers and other tap styles rely heavily on high water pressure in order to work. Something else which is worth considering here is that if you do not have high water pressure in your kitchen then this is the perfect time to deal with that, if it is a deep-lying issue then there may not be much you can do but if there are any plumbing issues within the kitchen then now is the time to have that looked at.


The key to getting the right taps is to first think about the functionality that you want, how much space you need and what kind of taps you need for the kind of space and the set up which you have.

Once you have decided upon the practical side of things you should start thinking about what you want those taps to look like and how they are going to fit in with the overall style of the room. Copper taps, for example, can look great with a country kitchen, polished chrome looks great with ceramic kitchen sinks and gold can really make the taps jump out and grab your attention. There is a wealth of options ahead of you, so choose wisely.

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