How 3D Rendering Your Plans Will Benefit Your House Builder Company  

Australia is a country with a diverse population. It is estimated that almost thirty per cent of Australia’s population was born from foreign countries. This statistics means that out of Australia’s 2020 estimated population of 25.5 million, approximately 7.65 million are migrants living in the country. 

This number is not surprising since Australia is a great place to live in. Australia welcomes migrants and does not tolerate racism. Because of this, a lot of people each year are migrating to the country with hopes of living in Australia permanently. 

Statistic reports for the year 2019 showed that there were 530 thousand people who arrived to live in Australia permanently while 298 thousand left to live elsewhere, leaving a net addition of 232 thousand new residents. This number will be beneficial to home builders since it will give them more customers in the future. 

However, with over thirty-three thousand listed builders in Australia, getting new housing customers will be a cut-throat competition unless you have an ace in your sleeve. Fortunately, you can make use of the services of Threesixtydegrees Australia to give you that ace – 3D rendering of your plans. 

What is 3D rendering? 

3D rendering is the process of creating digital representations of a housing plan. This representation can be manipulated so that you can have a virtual 360 view of your building plan. Think of 3D rendering as being able to virtually give your clients a tour of their would-be home even if you have not yet started with construction. 

Before 3D technology, the only way to show a three-dimensional model is to create a physical scaled model of a home. However, it is a time-consuming process. With 3D rendering, you can give your plans to 3D rendering services such as Threesixtydegrees Australia so that they can render your plans into a virtual 3D model. 

Why hire a 3D Rendering Services? 

If you own a home builder company, your main competency may be in drafting 2D plans for your projects. However, because of the new generation of customers, you will also need to improve your technology. Hiring a 3D rendering service for your home builder company may be more practical than hiring in-house experts. 

Likewise, 3D rendering companies such as Threesixtydegrees Australia has an extensive background on the Architecture and Construction Industry that hiring their services will be more cost-effective in the long run. 

Benefits of 3D Rendering Services You Should Know

When you hire the services of Threesixtydegrees Australia to create virtual 360 models of your plans, you will get an edge over your competitors who are still using 2D floor plans. With 3D-rendered plans, you will get the following advantages. 


A 3D rendering will allow your clients to be able to see what their house will look like in real life even if you have not started with the construction process yet. When clients have a visual of their would-be homes, they could easily decide on any adjustments that they want to happen.

Unlike with two-dimensional floor plans, most clients will not be able to visualize what their home will look like and may regret having decided on the different architectural aspects of their homes. 


With 3D rendering, clients are given a glimpse of what the real-life version of their homes will look like and therefore can immediately decide on any changes before beginning the construction. 

This ability to decide will save a lot of time, money, and the frustration of having to redo your housing plans during the construction stage. With a 3D rendering, you can immediately change the aspects of your design in real-time. 

Convenience and Customer Satisfaction

You can also use 3D rendering technologies on already-built houses that you want to sell. Threesixtydegrees Australia can make a 3D rendition of your projects. When you present your houses to would-be clients, you can conveniently give them a visual tour of your homes without the need for them to visit the site. 

Your 3D tour will ensure that your interior floor plans are well lit and that you can have your clients visualize the lighting of their homes during different parts of the day or seasons of the year. Likewise, you can add in greenery and landscaping to your visualization. 

To make your home builder company stand out, you should start using 3D rendering services. It is best to consult with Threesixtydegrees Australia and start creating 3D plans for your clients. 

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