How Does A Crane Work?

A crane is a piece of equipment used in the industrial working environment to lift heavy objects to move them to the desired destination. Cranes are powerful enough to lift a car. Crane lifting equipment comes in many forms and sizes to effectively complete the task it was designed for. In this article, you will learn why cranes are useful and the many different forms that exist.

General Function Of A Crane

Some of the basic functions of a crane include lifting, lowering a load and swinging a load in a horizontal type motion. The weight of the load is then distributed to the structure of the crane. The redistribution of the weight is called a compression load. The load applied to the boom crane structure increases the energy of the structure. The way to release the energy on the structure is to lower the load on the crane.

Cranes are used to lift an object that is not mounted to the ground. If an object is mounted to the ground more energy is applied to the structure of the crane during the lifting process. The end result is your crane could fail, explode, or buckle in most scenarios. To prevent this from happening, dig around the object mounted to the ground first to make heavy lifting easier and safer.

The horizontal swinging motion of a crane should only be used to swing objects that have been freely lifted from the ground, not objects still mounted to a surface. As an industrial worker, you are responsible for knowing how heavy of a load your particular crane can lift.

Manitowoc Cranes

I’m sure you’ve probably seen one before. Manitowoc cranes come in a reddish color and many versions exist such as the 4500 model and the 4600 model created in 1961. The 4600 measures 17ft and 2 inches tall and 21 feet wide at the undercarriage. The boom ranges from 100ft to 140ft in length. Manitowoc cranes work best for picking up piles of debris and moving it to a new location to create a new pile.

Some of the Manitowoc parts that will eventually need replacing are Manitowoc sump pump, Manitowoc pump, and Manitowoc valve. To know how often these parts should be replaced depends on the model you have. Check with the manufacturing guide.

To get the best price on manitowoc crane parts for sale browse the web for prices. Manitowoc cranes are very expensive so be sure to get a guarantee such as a warranty on your manitowoc crane parts for sale. Be sure to check your track frames at least once every month depending on how often your Manitowoc crane is used.

Gantry Crane

A gantry crane is very simple to operate. Many choose this option of a crane if they are working in an indoor industrial environment. The portable version allows workers to roll the crane to the desired location. When the crane is properly assembled the worker will be able to attach a chain or rope around the heavy object and pull down on the chain creating a lifting motion of the object.

The lifted object would then be placed unto a rolling object for easier portability. Depending on which brand gantry crane you choose it is possible for a gantry crane to weigh up to 1000lb or more. Thanks to modern technology manufacturers have been able to design a portable aluminum version that weighs under 300lb or less.

The downside is for workers that have limited space a manufactured gantry crane will be an issue due to size. For this reason, some people choose to build their own crane to achieve the desired size they want. To do so you can go to your local home improvement store to purchase lumber for under $50 and get started. If you need heavy lifting projects completed a crane might just be the best option for you.


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