How Does Bondic Uv Light Glue Work 

UV light glue is a type of adhesive that hardens after ultraviolet rays illuminate it. Bondic is that kind of glue that works in most plastics and other materials. This adhesive uses a unique plastic welding system that applies liquid plastic to repair accessories in a matter of seconds. However, the hardness of the glue depends on the users; When UV light exposes the plastic adhesive, it starts to harden.

Basically, this glue has a tube with soldering liquid that joins the broken parts with its components. When the UV light is illuminated, it works with hot air, whose energy source converts repaired liquids into hardened plastic. The best thing about this glue is the liquid does not harden until you are exposed to UV light on it. Keep reading this article to know about this kit.

What Is Bondic?

Bondic glue is designed and developed by a dentist that comes with a small bottle and a thin viscosity that appears as glue. It is actually not glue but liquid plastic which doesn’t harden with air. Its hardness depends on the specific UV light that has made this kit the most preferred by this generation. 

Basically, this glue produces a strong and sustainable bond with the materials. However, you will get this kit from its official website. This UV adhesive comes in two packages, one is the Bondic test pack, and the other is Bondic Present Pack. Test pack for checking out the adhesive how it works. The other is a gift pack that makes it simple to acquire complete kits that you can give as gifts.

Advantages of Using Bondic Glue

You will get various benefits by using this Bondic glue. Below we have made a list of the benefits of this welding kit. 

  • Bondic can be used as a filler function. This glue can repair missing parts in case of damage alongside forming a stronger joint between the parts. 
  • With this glue, you can make both temporary along with the permanent bond. You can decide your own choice to make the bond.
  • It is totally non-sticky, so you can use glue having no remainder left behind.
  • This glue is chemical-free, unlike traditional glue that presents it as non-toxic and friendly to use.
  • The properties of this glue are, it retains the liquid state until you illuminate the Ultraviolet light. 
  • Unlike traditional glue, Bondic glue can be used on a wide range of materials. 
  • This plastic welder kit is water and heat-resistant, so you can use this on leaky pipes and warm areas.

How Does Bondic UV Light Glue Work

Basically, Bondic comes with a pen-shaped UV plastic welder that is very simple to use. This pen is filled with soldering iron that emanates the soldering liquid to repair any broken parts. The glue will remain liquid until it is exposed to Ultraviolet light. When ultraviolet rays fall on the plastic liquid, it reacts with the sun to generate energy to harden the liquid plastics. In this way, you will get a hard bonding.

How to Use Bondic Glue 

You should know the proper procedure to use Bondic glue when repairing any item to avoid any wastage. Because this glue doesn’t work as a traditional glue. This glue is specially built to work with the help of UV light. Below we have presented a step-by-step guide on how you can use this glue. 


A smooth surface is very important to repair any part. Experts recommend that the surface be thoroughly cleaned and then use sandpaper to rub across the entire surface. When you complete sanding, Blow away dust particles from the surface.

Applying the Adhesive

As we already say, Bondic glue comes in a small bottle. In this step, you have to apply a sufficient amount of glue to the broken part. If you want a strong bond, first apply glue inside the broken part, then apply outside. Ensure that the UV wavelength can reach the plastic liquid.

Pointing Light

At this stage, you have to hold the UV light rays directed toward the adhesive. You should hold the light minimum of four seconds facing the direction of the join part. If you apply the glue on the large part, you have to shift your hand around to the adhesive to reach it all.


Since Bondic makes a strong and durable bond, you should repeat these processes depending on the bond you require. A strong bond needs you to repeat it from several thin coats of adhesive. Make sure your glue should cure before you repeat the next layer of adhesive.

What Can You Do if Bondic Spills?

Removing traditional adhesive is extremely tough because this kind of glue dries so quickly. Although acetone can remove this glue, that liquid can damage your materials. In this case, Bondic can be easily removed because the adhesive remains liquid until you fall the UV light. Besides, as long as you use the UV light, it isn’t absorbing, so you can easily remove any spilled glue.

Another easiest way to clean spilled Bondic, use isopropyl alcohol. First, you just have to pour the solution into a glass. After that applied the solution to the area that is covered with Bondic using a cotton swab. Use this solution several times, if you have many layers of Bondic.

What All Can Be Fixed Using the Bondic?

This plastic welder can be used on plastic to metal. You can use this adhesive on water pipes, car parts, electronic devices, toys, craft projects, and many more. Below are some of the uses of this welder.

  • This adhesive is used to bind materials.
  • It is used for quick repair of the space between the plastic that can’t be fixed with traditional glue.
  • This welder supports creating a sturdy bond between things irrespective of the materials.


Bondic is an absolutely essential item for having in each family and work environment. Because this kit is too reasonable, non-messy, non-toxic, solvent-free liquid polymer, and totally strong. This UV glue kit offers the users control drying which makes this kit astounding. You just have to present the UV light, when the materials are fortified. 

Additionally, it doesn’t dry until you present the UV light on the adhesive. In this way, you can repair any materials, fix broken parts, molded and reproduced. Besides, it is very easy to use compared to traditional glue. So, it is undoubtedly a perfect solution to repair any things.