How does the Google ranking system work?

We use Google in our day to day life and we do not even realise how the webpages we visit every day come at the top each time. Even though there are several thousands of results for the exact same Google search we do but we still click on the topmost webpage link that appears.

There are several ranking factors for google webpage ranking. One such factor is the PageRank. PageRank measures the importance of a webpage by the number of external links that it has. Also, just having extra useless hyperlinks in the webpage can also lead to banning of the webpage as it will be automatically detected as cheating.

How does a google search that we do process and present the results?

The best results of Google searches are presented in front of the user from over billions of webpages available in the database which holds more than a thousand giga-bytes of space!

Google has named the machine which does all of this work as a Googlebot. They do all the searching, analysing and indexing of the searches we do in our everyday life.

The Googlebot crawls to each and every webpage relevant to the search made and then uses an algorithm to choose worthy websites. After that, it collects all the links and the location with the necessary tags and presents that in front of the user. All this happens in milliseconds.

Since there are millions of webpages for the exact same search, you will need to do something extra ordinary to be able to achieve visits of users. 

Google ranking [Minimice Group, which is the term in Thai] comes in to play now to get the views from the user. To get maximum views from the user on the internet, your aim should be to stand out from all the other websites of the similar searches as Google picks the best layout after detecting all the relevant websites.

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