How Full Spectrum Grow Glasses Benefit Your Plants

Do any kind of research into full spectrum LED grow lights and it won’t be long before you encounter wise advice telling you that you need to wear full spectrum grow glasses when using them. Thankfully, awareness of this particular problem is increasing all of the time, so most people take the considered option of buying protection to ensure eye health.

However, what isn’t perhaps so widely known is that wearing this kind of eye protection actually makes you a better grower of your plant of choice. So, the benefits offered by these often stylish eyewear products are two-fold. Let’s take a look at what it is about them that helps you in your growing efforts.

Helping You Spot Plant Disease

One of the selling points of full spectrum grow glasses is that they allow you to see colors as they actually are, rather than be skewed by the glare put out by your grow lights. This means that you can spot the signs of disease early enough for you to do something about it. 

This is good news to any grower, as there are quite a few diseases to watch out for that include:

  • Downy Mildew – Found on the underside of leaves, it makes them appear yellower than they should. 
  • Powdery Mildew – Looking like white powder has been sprinkled over the leaves, this is something that can reduce the overall growth, lead to leaf drop and an overall yellowing that can cause plant death.
  • Root Rot – Occurring when excess water is present in the soil, it results in mushy roots and a plant that yellows and wilts. 
  • A lack of iron – When your plant has an iron deficiency, it will also be short of chlorophyll, manifesting as bright yellow leaves with green veins. 
  • Gray mold – Sometimes also referred to as ghost spot or ash mold, the first signs of it are leaf spots which then develop into larger abrasions. If untreated, this will ultimately lead to the whole plant appearing mushy and brown. 

With a quality pair of full spectrum grow glasses on, you’ll be able to spot the signs of all of these plant diseases and more. However, disease is not the only thing you have to be concerned with…

Stopping Plant Pests From Taking Over

Working hard to survive themselves, there’s a whole host of pests that can infest your plants and threaten their very survival. They include:

  • Fungus Gnats – helping to encourage bacterial infection and hold back the growth of your plant are fungus gnats. They’re not harmful themselves, but their larvae are, as they feed on roots. 
  • Aphids – Aphids a.k.a. Plant lice are found in gray, black or green varieties and they all cause harm to your plants. They survive by sucking the moisture out of your leaves – leaving them yellow. 
  • Spider Mites – These very common plant arachnids are tiny and easily missed and if you don’t spot them, they can cause serious harm. If they’ve already started creating webs, you’ve likely already got an infestation.
  • Whiteflies – Looking a lot like tiny moths, whiteflies cause leaf spots and yellowing and are tricky to get rid of because of the fact they can fly from plant to plant. 
  • Thrips – Another tiny pest that causes spots and browning of the leaves, it’s one of a plethora of insects that can provide growing issues. 

You Can Prevent All This With Full Spectrum Grow Glasses

When you buy the proper protection for your eyes, it allows you to see the discoloration of your plants,  as well as all of the pests mentioned. This gives you valuable extra time to take the necessary measures to restore plant health. 

Given that the whole reason for starting your grow room was growing success, it stands to reason that full spectrum grow glasses should be at the top of your shopping list.