How often should you steam clean area rugs?

Well, your annual home cleaning projects also include deep cleaning carpet and area rugs all through your house. Canada Clean Home experts recommend steam cleaning your carpets and rugs every 10- 12 months. But, did you know that in some exceptional conditions, you may need to deep clean on a more regular basis? Well, if you are wondering how often should you steam clean area rugs, then read on:

Do you have cigarette smokers in the house?

If there are smokers in your home who smoke inside, then you should steam clean your carpets every three months with chain smokers and every six months with light smokers. Tobacco smoke has several hazardous gases and particulate matter which are known to cause cancer. These gases and leftovers can get absorbed in the room, ending up on your carpet, area rugs and upholstery. According to a study, these toxic particles can re-emit in the air and can harm even the non-smokers. Deep rug cleaning will remove these toxins and help the non-smokers stay healthy.

Do you have kids in the house?

If you have small kids in the home, then you should steam clean your rugs every six months. Yes, children do cause spills and accidents but spot cleaning may help. The major reason why you need to steam clean area rugs is because the exposure your children may have to those awful things hidden in them. Rugs are soft and warm and a great place for your toddlers to play, nap or do anything. Unfortunately, as per American Lung Association, kids have more chances to get exposure to rug and carpet pollution. Hence, deep cleaning your rugs and carpet is important to lower the chance of exposure. Hire experts who use professional-grade machinery to steam clean rugs and carpets.

Do you have pets at home?

Well if you own a furry member, then you should steam clean your rugs and carpets every six months. They play a vital role in trapping pet dander deep into the fibers. Though vacuuming may help, the ones which penetrate and settle deep within your carpet are hard to remove. They may get eroded by walking and hamper the indoor air quality. Steam cleaning is the only method to thoroughly clean your area rugs. It is of double importance for those with pet allergies. If you are allergic to pet dander, then you should definitely deep clean your home on a semi-yearly basis.

Regardless of what deep cleaning schedule you choose, Canada Clean home offers you steam rug cleaning technology and machines. If you need steam cleaning every three to six months, it will help you in keeping your home, carpets and environment fresher and healthier.

Some tips to prevent area rugs from getting dirty faster

While professionals suggest vacuuming on a regular basis say once a week without pets and twice a week with pets will help and you will not need area rug steam cleaning quite often. It is also suggested to take them out every six months and beat them with a broom. Lastly, don’t forget to go for deep steam cleaning once a year.

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