How To Buy The Best Quality Kitchen Appliances

In the past, it was not difficult for people to buy kitchen equipment because the market offered limited options. However, this is not the case anymore. Now and then, manufacturers are introducing new features and designs. The abundance of alternatives can prove to be very confusing to an average purchaser. And if you indulge in casual shopping, the odds are, you will easily be persuaded by a smart salesman to buy a misfit kitchen appliance.

Kitchen appliances are one of those things where you can’t blindly follow your friends or neighbors. The reason being, every house has it’s specific needs and purposes. So one thing is certain, you have to be on top of your planning to make the best return of investment.

Therefore, before heading out for shopping to brands like the kitchenaid, consider the following measures. They are bound to provide you with much-needed clarity of mind.


Not long ago, dishwashers were categorized as luxury appliances. Owing to their extravagant prices, only a handful of people could afford them. But today they are found in almost every house.

It is never a good way to buy a dishwasher just because you are head over heels in love with its appearance. Of course, the outlook matters but the machine must also stands in line with your lifestyle.

For example, if you own a small home, you should prefer a dishwasher which produces minimum noise so that family members, especially children, stay at ease. For those who are living on rent and have plans to shift somewhere soon, they must buy a portable washer.

At the same time, it would be a mistake to overlook the size of the appliance. In this regard, the number of household members can give you a better idea. Though the most commonplace size of dishwashers is 24 inches, it is usually preferred by standard families. If your family contains merely two to three members, an 18-inch dishwasher will get the job done for you in a low budget.


When we think about refrigerators, the first thing that typically comes to our mind is food. It is an indication that your cooking habits are a defining factor when it comes to the selection of a refrigerator.

A large family should go for a big-size refrigerator because it will provide a lot of space for storage. Since large refrigerators consume more power, energy efficiency should also be on your mind. Otherwise, energy bills could be detrimental to your overall budget. To be on the safe side, you should take kitchen space and doorways into consideration before finalizing the size.

Though refrigerators are usually boasted to be expensive, you can have one in a limited budget. The top freezer is the biggest example of that. Apart from being well within the financial reach of an average consumer, a top freezer can be placed in a congested kitchen. What’s more, it will offer you all the basic features you can think of.

Some people give too much importance to finishing and a lavish layout. As a result they end up creating a problem for themselves. Thus, be sure to buy a refrigerator that is free from sharp edges because they could inflict minor injury like a scratch.


A modern kitchen is incomplete without an oven. It helps you with cooking as much as it adds to the aesthetics of your kitchen. As with other appliances, the availability of choices may prove to be overwhelming and lead you to pay for a weirdo oven. So it is a must to scratch up the following factors before hunting around:

  • Cooking habits: Sometimes homeowners tend to invest in ovens with extravagant features but they never go beyond basic cooking. This is where you have to be very careful. If you are not an experienced cook or don’t like to indulge in an experimental dish once in a while, it is best to stick with simple oven parts.
  • Fuel type: You will find ovens in both categories, that is, gas and electricity. Talking about initial costs, gas-driven ovens are expensive. But they will cost less throughout their life. This might entice you to prefer gas-ovens over electric-ovens. However, it would be wise to inquire beforehand whether your area has a facility of gas or not. In spite of the cost-effectiveness, veteran chefs should settle with electric-ovens because they have accessive features.
  • Safety: If you have children at home, it would be safe to buy an oven with a locking-door.

Range hood

Imagine, you are engaged in an adventurous dish and things don’t go as you planned. You will have to keep up with the burnt smell of the food, unless you have a robust range hood. In the absence of a range hood, the impure air can turn out to be a potential health hazard. However, the appliance will be good for nothing if you are not spot-on while purchasing it.

There are many types of range hoods. But, in the bigger picture, they can be divided into two main categories. That is, ducted and ductless.

Ducted range hoods are suitable for large kitchens that generate more steam. Before buying this type of hood, make sure you are financially empowered to invest in a duct system. Also, it is commonly known that ducted ranges are less noisy.

As far as ductless ranges, you have the flexibility to install them anywhere in the kitchen. Unlike ducted ranges, they don’t pull the air outside the kitchen. A ductless exhaust system is merely concerned with recirculating the same air within the kitchen space.

Coffee makers

For countless people, coffee is the foremost thing on their minds when they wake up. Whether you are a coffee-addict or someone who turns to coffee once in a while, you would like it to be hot and yummy. That’s why, of late, coffee makers have emerged as popular kitchen equipment. They save you money in the long run, provided you buy the right type of coffee maker.

If your family loves coffee and consumes it frequently throughout the day, a drip coffee maker would be an ideal choice. With little to no effort, it will enable you to prepare several cups in one go. The durability and affordability are the reasons why drip coffee makers are highly acknowledged. But what if only one of your family members happens to be a coffee freak? Well, in that case, a single-serve coffee maker is a perfect pick for you.

It is also mandatory to check the brewing temperature on the machine. If you are into well-brewed coffee, make sure the temperature is at its highest. Anything between 196°F to 205°F is good enough.

Final Word

According to an estimation, we spend about 9 percent of the total kitchen budget on purchasing appliances, some of which are mentioned above. Needles to say, it is a staggering sum. You can spend this amount in a much more sensible way by sticking to these instructions and investing in a quality product that is worth the investment.

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