How to Choose a Dirt Bike?

People often ask which dirt bike should they get. Usually the answer depends on what style of riding do you want, how big is your experience, etc. So, keeping your question in mind, here is a detailed knowledge about the kind of dirt bike you should get. There are several types of dirt bikes in different sizes and shapes with different designs and engine types. The best bike for you would be the one that fits your individual needs or circumstances. Below here are some of the points to consider before you get your next dirt bike:

What style of riding you prefer?

Do you want to ride through the forest trails or wish to go for a long distance enduro riding? Maybe you are thinking of motocross racing? You can get a custom build dirt bike for all kinds of riding.

Basically, you have to two kinds of dirt bikes: Motocross bikes and trail bikes. Both of the bikes may appear the same but they are quite different. Motocross bikes such as KTM 250, RMZ 450, CRF 450R are designed for quick acceleration and big jumps as well as track racing, while trail bikes such as CRF 250X, KLX 450R, are designed for trail riding and bush bashing. They are made for a long distance travelling, by giving you a smooth ride on the rugged terrain. The difference also lies in the ergonomics, gearing, capacity and other features like lights and more.

How to choose the size of a dirt bike?

It depends on three things: your weight, height and riding experience. Don’t rush out to buy the recently launched fastest trail monster. If you ride a bike which is too powerful for you, it decreases your safety, speed and enjoyment. You need quite a lot strength, power and skill to ride a heavy bike. A low stamina bike is simpler to control and manoeuvre. Regarding the size, make sure your feet touches the ground when you mount a bike. This indicates that the bike is perfectly sized for you.

Know your budget

How much money are you ready to spend on this? If money isn’t any problem for you, then you can buy anything that suits you. However, if your budget is a bit tighter, then buying two-strokes is a cheaper option than buying the latest and most aggressive four-strokes.

Which brands feature the best dirt bikes?

What is your favorite color? Do you have any brand preferences in mind? Unless you are professional rider, a particular brand is not going to bring too much difference to your riding skills. Of course, some say that KTM gives an extra touch to their bikes and makes them worthy of the price tag. Other brands may bring different benefits but they are all made for one job – kicking the track.

You can customize your bikes with dirt bike graphics and make them look the way you have dreamed of. Getting motocross graphics will help you to change the complete look of the bike, no matter what brand you pick. So, choose the brand wisely, and customize your bike with dirt bike graphics to give it a unique visual appearance.

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