How To Make Your Property Look As Good As New For Less Than You’d Expect

No matter what type of materials and design you go for when either choosing a property or designing it, it never quite looks as good as it did when it was new and ‘fresh out of the box’ so to speak. Sadly, as time goes by and the effects of things like the weather take their toll, most properties can look pretty sorry for themselves in a reasonably short space of time! The trouble is, whilst the inside might still look spick and span, the outside is what people first see when looking at your property, keeping it looking nice and new, or at least clean can be managed for less than you’d expect;


For most people, the idea of cleaning the outside of their property will be a daunting thought, let’s face it, even if you live in a one-storey home, there is still a fair amount of space to keep clean. Fortunately, it isn’t quite as bad or time-consuming as one might think, the secret is to ensure a regular cleaning schedule. If you leave it for several years until it looks in disrepair, then it likely will be and you’ll need to replace certain parts of the exterior facias.

If you get on top of things from day one and put in even an hour each week, it should keep things looking nice and presentable. For cleaning, you may wish to employ drain clearing services and, depending upon the finish of your property, a pressure washer is normally the most effective way of getting rid of grime, muck and dirt. Do be sure to check before you crack on though as they are very powerful, and you don’t want to cause any unwanted damage to the exterior finishings or fixings.


If you want your belongings to keep working properly and to look as good as they possibly can, then maintenance is a game changer, it really is the only answer. Such a simple yet shied away from a process that, if not done, tends to mean spending much more time and money in the long run when you end up having to replace things you don’t have to have done.

If you are somebody who puts maintenance to the back of your to-do list and replaces it with either work commitments or personal arrangements with a view of ‘managing’ time, then you really should rethink things a little. Whilst it is human nature to think this way, it will almost certainly mean that your time management methods will be blown out of the water when lack of maintenance turns into a problem.


The final, yet arguably the most important step in the process is preservation, many people proceed ‘with the best of intentions’, of going through a process of cleaning and keeping up a regular maintenance regime. However, they make the mistake of not putting any kind of preservative measures in place which either means that their regime becomes more and more frequent, or their efforts, despite how good they might be, result in replacing things that they needn’t have had to.

As an example, consider waterproofing any wooden parts of your home’s exterior, without some form of protection, the cleaning and maintenance you do of your exterior fixtures may actually be detrimental and cause more damage than good.