How to Smartly Avoid Cyber Security Breach?

Cyber-attack threats are looming on every corner, so it is important to find ways to prevent security breaches not at home but even at the workplace. There is an assumption that only large organizations are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. It is not totally correct because even SMBs can possibly be targeted by hackers. Therefore, all types of businesses need to have a solid cybersecurity measure planned and implemented. They must also know what steps to take during a security infringement situation.

How to avoid cybersecurity breaches?

There are several ways to protect your online business from a security breach. You can even learn a lot from Hikvision blogs about the latest study finds regarding cyber insurance associated with a security breach.


Data backup is a great preventive measure for businesses against hacking. Using ransomware, hackers block your business data access. It is done via encryption. After their demand gets fulfilled they decrypt it. The assurance that your data will be recovered after ransom money is paid seems impossible. It is wise to have business data backup because you can get your company up and running in no time.

Security updates, anti-virus, and updates

Ensure to keep your software updated and have a robust firewall along with anti-spyware, anti-virus, and anti-malware protection. Outdated software is vulnerable to hacking, so keep them updated.


Devices like pen drive, laptop or mobile phone can get lost. This can compromise sensitive data, so encryption is great for protecting information.

Email vigilance

Opening fake emails is a common security violation. Educate staff on how fraudsters exploit emails. Staff must know when not to open, click or reply or open an attachment when they feel something is wrong. In case they accidentally opened it, tell the IT staff without any hesitation.

Double layer of authentication

Use multi-way authentication for online customer protection. Extra authentication includes confirming a code emailed or answering questions selected by the account holder. Facial recognition and fingerprints are other methods.

Limit access 

Determine every employee’s role and offer them relevant access. It helps to prevent unauthorized access to business devices, data, and accounts, thus preventing a security contravention.

 Wi-Fi security

Wi-Fi is essential for every kind of business as it keeps them connected with global partners, customers, vendors, and remote employees. Files are shared, marketing and sales are executed and there are massive business tasks conducted internally and externally with the help of a shared connection. It is advised to set a separate Wi-Fi for guests and customers and leave the private network for employee use only.