How to Switch or Cancel Internet and Cable Service?

Whether you are moving to a new city or your current internet service is not up to the mark, switching or canceling an internet service should be a simple and easy process. However, sometimes, you may encounter issues while canceling the service.We have gathered every bit of information you need for canceling your agreement with your internet provider without any hassle.

What is an Early Termination Fee (ETF)?

When a customer signs an agreement with an ISP, it may include an ETF. It applies if you cancel your subscription to the service before the end of your contract, allowing the company to get the same amount that you would have paid if you had continued with your agreement. Sometimes, it costs a significant amount that may convince you to stay connected to your current service.

If you are signing a new contract while you are not sure if you will let the agreement run its course or not, it is better to sign up for a month-to-month plan. Suddenlink Internet offers plans without any hidden fees or annual contract requirements. This way, you will not have to worry about paying hefty charges as ETF. Call servicio al cliente de Suddenlink to know more perks of subscribing to Suddenlink Internet.

Switching to Another Internet Provider

Here are some of the best tips for you to keep in mind if you are looking for another provider after the cancellation process:

Take Your Time

Look for different service providers available in your area and search online for customer reviews to find the best plan that meets your requirements.

Go Through Your Agreement

Many ISPS have miscellaneous fees or hidden charges that add up to the total amount. It can be frustrating to pay a price you were not expecting. Therefore, you need to know the monthly fees as well as any extra charges such as taxes and equipment rental fees.

Find Out Incentives for Switching

Some providers cover a fraction of ETFs (early termination fees) when a user decides to switch. They may offer deals for customers who are switching providers to make their bills more affordable.

Check Your Existing Equipment

If you own the router you have been using for your current internet plan, you should look for a provider that is compatible with the same equipment. It will help you saveon the extra costs that come with buying new equipment when switching providers.

Canceling Your Internet or Cable Service

You need to cancel your current internet or cable plan if you are planning to switch to another provider or even if you do not need the connection anymore. Here are the simple steps to start the process of canceling your current service:

  1. Double-check your agreement to see if it includes any ETF. This way, you won’t be in for any surprises.
  2. Look for ways to cancel your subscription online. You can log into your account to check if your provider allows you to cancel digitally.
  3. If your current provider does not give an option to cancel online, get in touch with customer service to know details about the cancellation.
  4. Your call will most likely be transferred to an agent who will offer last-minute deals for you to stay connected to their service. So, if you are not interested in continuing with their internet, firmly let them know your decision.
  5. Once your provider has canceled your service, it is time for you to return yourrouter/modem/gateway to your ISP.

How to Cancel Your Cable Connection without Cancelling Your Internet?

If you are looking for ways to cancel your cable service but stay connected to the internet, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Contact your ISP’s customer support
  2. Ask them to cancel your TV while keeping the internet service

If you are boundby a contract, it may require you to pay an ETF. However, your provider may offer new deals on internet-only plans while canceling your cable.

How to Return Your Equipment?

Some people prefer purchasing their internet or cable equipment, whereas most providers allow their customers to rent equipment from them andpay a monthly fee. Once you have started the process to cancel your internet and cable service, the next step is to return your equipment. Your current provider may assign a due date—which means if you don’t return the equipment on time, it may require you to pay a higher fee that equals the price of the router or cable box.

You can ask your provider if you could return the equipment by mail or by dropping it off at a physical location. If you are heading to their store, they will provide physical documentation to ensure that you have returned your cable or internet equipment.

The Bottom Line:

Whether you are canceling or switching your provider, make sure you go through proper documentation and check every bill for hidden charges. From ETFs to returning the leased equipment, call your provider to know the process and avoid paying extra fees.

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