How to Use Sandbags for Erosion Control & Construction Projects

You all must have heard and seen sandbags on many construction sites and elsewhere and might be wondering – why they are just lying there. Sandbags are one of those items which you all don’t think too much about. Do you all know these sandbags are often used for tackling erosion control for amazing results on various construction sites?

Sandbag Construction

The use of sandbags is pretty simple, but effective and brilliant way for preventing or reducing flood water damage and erosion control. Properly sourced, filled and placed high-quality sandbags in Australia from reputable companies like Pacific Bags can act as a barrier for diverting moving water around and erosion control at construction projects. Sandbag construction might not guarantee a water-tight seal; it is great for use in many situations. 

The untied bags are mostly recommended for most situations. And tied sandbags must be used for those special situations, if stock-pilling and pre-filling might be needed, or for some specific situations like holding objects in position, filling holes, or to form barriers that are backed by supportive planks. Generally, the tied polypropylene bags are easier to stockpile and handle. 

However, most sand filling tasks could usually be perfectly accomplished at or near a placement site, and tying these bags will be a waste of your valuable time as well as effort. If these sandbags are supposed to be pre-filled at any distant location, proper consideration should be given to placement site and access and transportation vehicles.

How to use sandbags for erosion control

Erosion control is a crucial part of all construction projects. The right kind of erosion control would help protect against pollution, and even prevent local waterways to become contaminated by sediment from construction sites.

Sediment and erosion soil could easily wash in nearby lakes, streams, seas, or the rivers, and this could cause devastating environmental damage. These bags would help to redirect water away from property but would not seal out water.

If erosion control measures are not properly implemented, there could be a great impact on the wildlife and local environment. Therefore, following a proper procedure of placing high-quality sandbags in Australia of a well-known brand like Pacific Bags is a legal requirement in many places around Australia. If the construction project is found to be non-compliant, heavy fines might be the result.

Filled with silt, or sand, these sandbags made from good quality polypropylene material allow a good flow of water, at the same time filtering out the sediment and even preventing pollution. They are the best alternatives for areas where silt fence is not suitable. Sandbags are perfect for flood reduction measures and reinforcing existing structures, and also very commonly used in levee construction and erosion control.

If you are looking for the best sandbags in Australia, choose Pacific Bags. By purchasing their high-quality virgin polypropylene bags, you will get a lot more value out of these bags than other alternatives. They also offer customized printing options for putting your logo and name on your bags.