Jerome Karam Houston Is Reconstructing College Of Mainland’s New Expansion Facility

Jerome Karam Houston has earned name and fame as the Texas Developer, who has a tremendous vision for repurposing the old and vacant spaces. It’s certainly the reason that the Board of Trustee from the College of Mainland unanimously selected Jerome for the reconstruction of a brand new educational facility in League City. Jerome has got all the responsibility of this project from its financing to its redevelopment. Once this project is completed successfully, it will open up new educational opportunities for League city residents. The ultimate goal of this project is to make education more accessible to the students. 

The Most Famous Projects are the Reason of His Selection

Jerome Karam has successfully established his unique property development brand by showcasing his work in three significant projects, including Mall of Mainland. When he took on the mall project, it was a sparse place, but now it’s one of the top malls in the city. Another project is World’s Gym, the largest gym in Texas with all the modern facilities and equipment that fitness lovers want to use. The third major project contributing to his success was Altitude Trampoline Park, which is well-known as the Nation’s Largest Park.

The Board of Trustees from the College of Mainland has put their faith in Jerome as everyone in Texas knows his repurposing and reconstruction skills. He has wit and vision to transform an old useless property into something meaningful and more productive. The primary reason for selecting Jerome Karam Houston is to use his skills for the benefit of society. Students in the League city have to travel for hours to reach the College of the Mainland. Therefore, the board decided to get help from an expert Redeveloper, who can repurpose the old Church into an academic place.

Financing Option for New Project

The Board of Trustees decided that they won’t use bond or property tax revenue for dealing with the reconstruction cost. Instead, all the new facility prices, such as its lease, utilities, and personal, will be paid through student fees and tuitions. In the northern part of 

Galveston county, students are ready to pay extra for an accessible educational facility. People in the League city are going to enjoy the significant benefits from it. The demand for this expansion from the northern side has been made for quite some time, but the College of Mainland couldn’t meet this demand because the League city is not within the College’s taxing district.

The New Campus of College of Mainland

It was Jerome who negotiated the lease deal and made this project possible for the College of Mainland. All the costs and expenses involved in the reconstruction of the new league city campus will be observed by JMK5 holding- Karam’s company, in exchange for a long-term lease. The new campus will be at 1411 W.Main St. Before it was a school integrated with League City Methodist Church. Now, this whole area will be replaced with North County Learning Center. Once this campus is built, it will be a revenue generator for the College. North County high school students will be facilitated through this new campus as they don’t have to travel for hours to get the education they always deserve. The League city campus will become a recruiting tool for future enrollees as well.

Meaningful Education Program for North County

Bob Wright- the spokesman from the College of Mainland, had made it clear that this new campus will introduce useful and meaningful education programs in almost every area of the College’s service district.  College of Mainland wants to fulfill its obligation as per Texas Legislature.

Jerome Karam said that his team has sped up the reconstruction process as the College of Mainland has expressed its interest in opening this new facility in the upcoming year for the North county Students.