The film known as Biaxially Oriented PolyPropylene (BOPP Film) has been manually and mechanically stretched utilising the cross direction approach. This movie has become one of the most well-liked and in-demand ones all over the world because of its benefits. These films produce a high yield at the same cost as other films, such as polyester films, because their density is closer to 0.90 g/m.

BOPP films feature outstanding gloss and high transparency, which enhance their beautiful finish and excellent appearance.While BOPP film operate as an excellent moisture resistant barrier and have a tendency to resist pollution and dangerous substances, other polyester films are not resistant to outside contamination.These films are readily available and have a broad span. Here are some uses of BOPP films and they are as follows:-

  • Being ecologically friendly is crucial in the current atmosphere. Because of its small weight, it is ideal for packaging. It greatly reduces the potential for product damage during transportation and can guard against rainy weather due to its strong propensity to keep items dry, which is perfect. Additionally, Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene offers greater protection against harmful chemicals and air pollution than comparable polyester films. Additionally, it is a tough material to puncture and is resistant to oils and grease. Biodegradable film are also environmentally friendly.
  • A few advantages of the biaxially oriented polypropylene that you might not consider when selecting a plastic are also present. It requires little maintenance, which is fantastic for cost-effectiveness and efficiency. It is UV resistant and doesn’t require delamination like other polymers do. Additionally, this plastic is widely acknowledged, which makes shipping for businesses and the like much simpler.
  • The advantages of this inclusive movie don’t end there. This film has a fantastic finish from an aesthetic standpoint because of its excellent gloss and high transparency. Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene film, however, can also be found in a variety of ranges and finishes, including matt and silk, if gloss isn’t what you’re after. Additionally, it resists wrinkling and shrinking in the face of environmental changes, keeping your packing spotless. Additionally, this film is recycled for good measure.
  • Acrylic glue is applied to one side, and a release film is used to affix the other (single layer non-adhesive release film). This flexible packing material is crucial. High transparency, a clean and translucent film surface, exceptional temperature resistance, and weather resistance are some of its benefits. It has good tensile strength, impact strength, stiffness, and toughness and is colourless, tasteless, and non-toxic. BOPP film requires corona treatment before being glued or printed due to its low surface energy.It is frequently used as the surface material of the composite film because the BOPP film after corona treatment has strong printing adaptability and can be printed in colour to create a good appearance effect.
  • BOPP films can be used for many different things such as-Films of grade F1 are used to package and seal food,Electrical applications, printing, and laminating employ standard BOPP films,Textbooks addressing,Extrusion coating, flower packing, reverse printing, and lamination are other applications.Additionally, they are utilised as pressure-sensitive tapes and sticky tapes.For general applications including printing poaching, cable over wrapping, cough drop strip packing, and over wrapping, white and opaque coloured film is utilised, as well as heat sealable BOPP films.


Flexible packaging films include biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film. Polypropylene overwrap film that is biaxially oriented is stretched in both machine and transverse directions. A molecular chain orientation in both directions is the result of this. This flexible packaging film is produced using a tubular manufacturing technique. BOPP film also offers improved vapour and oxygen barrier qualities. In comparison to polypropylene shrink film, BOPP shrink film offers significantly greater impact resistance and flex crack resistance.