Men Also Deserve Attention: Here are Tips to Make Them Feel loved

They are macho. Most times, they are the sole breadwinners. They have it all figured out – or at least it seems. Even in their darkest hours, they will never show weakness.

That is a man for you.

Unfortunately, society has put a burden on the male gender. ‘Men don’t cry’ and ‘You are a man, act like it’ are statements often thrown at men from a tender age. What people do not realize is the amount of pressure these words put on a male kid. As these words continue to sink deeper, the child becomes accustomed to behaving a certain way and acting composed.

As a result, men have become too ‘independent’ that no one realizes they also need to feel loved. What may come as a surprise is that men are also emotional creatures and crave attention from their women.

In this piece, we will discuss ways that women can show love and affection to their men.

Let us dive into details.

Take care of them when they are under the weather

We are not talking about chronic illnesses as when such an unfortunate thing occurs, husbands and boyfriends will expect the women in their lives to take care of them. Here, we will focus on something in the lines of common colds or an upset stomach.

These are illnesses that do not require emergency attention. However, it is the perfect time to show them that you care. Small gestures such as making him a hot honey-lemon-ginger drink to ease the common cold symptoms speak volumes. You can also give him a hand with his day’s chores. Being with him and learning together how to prevent a cold shows that you care enough not to want them to fall sick again.

Compliments go a long way

For some reason, society thinks that men don’t care about their appearance. That it is only women who are insecure and need the reassurance of how good they look.

The number of men going for cosmetic surgery is significantly increasing. This should tell you one thing: men are also insecure about their looks.

To make your man feel loved, throw in a compliment here and there. Tell him that he looks hot even when he looks subtle. Tell him that you love his new cologne. The latter particularly shows that you are keen, which will make him love you even more.

Make a habit of saying thank you

Men go through a great deal to take care of their families, and a simple thank you is what it takes to make them feel appreciated.

It is not when your man surprises you with a brand new car that you should be thankful. Be sure to appreciate his efforts when he takes out the trash or fuels your car. These may seem normal for him to do but it does mean a lot when you are thankful for them.

Besides, it will encourage him to do more, which is a plus for you. You can imagine going a couple of weeks without fueling your car. Pretty great, right?


Get him something every time you are out shopping

Women love shopping sprees. So, the next time you are out shopping, be sure to pick something for him. A nice t-shirt or cap are great gifts. Such acts show your man that you think about him even when you are out with your friends.

Extend such gestures at home. When you go to the kitchen to get hot chocolate, offer to get him a cup. It doesn’t cost anything to ask ‘Honey, can I get you a cup?’

Initiate sex

For some reason, society’s social conditioning has led women to believe that initiating sex is shameful. Statistics show that men think about sex every day, which is why men initiate sex more than women.

In long-term relationships particularly, men may be accustomed to initiating sex to the extent that they do not know whether their partners are only doing it for routine purposes or they are genuinely interested in sex. For this reason, the importance of initiating sex as a woman cannot be over-emphasized.

When men receive flirty messages or walk into the bedroom to find the love of their life dressed up in sexy lingerie waiting for them, they feel desired. It is mind-blowing knowing that their partner finds them attractive and would love to share intimate moments with them.


Despite how masculine or rock-hard a man may seem, one fact remains: men want to feel loved. They deserve to be loved.

Embracing the habits mentioned above puts you on a clear path to show your betted-half that you love and care about them. It is also a surefire way to ensure a lasting relationship.