Mumbai: What Destinations You should not Miss Out On?

 With plentiful historic spots, busy markets, and boundless cultural institutions, Mumbai is a city  packed with destinations and places that will be rewarding for every visitor.   The vibrant financial capital of India has deep roots and the wealthy grounds of this place are going to be contenting for all the tourists. The spots, amazing destinations and beaches are a rich delight. 

If you feel that you have no place to stay in Mumbai, come on, you have so many options for your stayover. You can Book Rooms in Taj mahal tower Mumbai and ensure that you have a luxurious and comforting time for sure. Of course, once you stay in a good place, your trip is going to be fulfilling for sure. Here are some places that you need to visit if you are in Mumbai.

Don’t Miss the Amazing Gateway of India

Honouring the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to this city, the Gateway of India is really the most known among Mumbai’s historic type of monuments. However, it even has been the spot from where the last British troops left the nation after centuries of the colonial presence.  It is specifically designed by Scottish architect George Witted and he took from Indo-Islamic, that of Indian and Roman impacts. However this structure was finished only in the year of 1914, with the basis stone laid in the year 1911. The site is a remarkable place and tourists specially take shots at this place.

Haji Ali Dargah

The spectacular Haji Ali Dargah (shrine) dates back to that of 1431. It is one of the most iconic architectural structures in the realm of city and it was built in the memory of Sayyed Peer Jaji Ali Shah Bukhari, who was a rich Muslim merchant from contemporary Uzbekistan. He gave up all his worldly type of possessions to form a pilgrimage to Mecca. It is located on an isle off the shore of Worli, the primeval-white Mughal-chic building links up to the overall mainland with a thin pathway that simply appears during low tide. The space is completely spiritual and stunning. You can easily find amazing rush at this spot all the time.

Beautiful Mount Mary Church, Bandra

Beautifully balanced atop a hillock overlooking the Arabian Sea in the region of Bandra West, Mount Mary’s Basilica is in the middle of the most momentous churches in the city. Having its foremost edifice constructed nearly 1570, and then reconstructed in the year 1640 and then again in the year 1760, the church has actually carved an essential spot for itself in the Bandra zone for somewhat 450 years. While the present day church structure is simply over a hundred years old – built in 1904 – the statue of Mother Mary, held at this church, is considered to have been brought to India by the Portuguese in that of time of 16th century.

Chowpatty Beach

Close the Northern end of Marine Drive lays one of the most experienced waterfronts known as Chowpatty Beach.  It is acclaimed for its wonderful markets and dinners.  At this spot you can see hundreds of salesmen over the shoreline to vend diverse items of things, particularly on Sunday nights.  You can explore the stalls circling nearly fast food and snacks like that of Pav Bhaji, Bhel Puri and that of much more. The whole area is hip and hearty across the evenings and during the day time as well.

Once you are at this beech, you can even come across snake-charmers who please the crowds with their antics. You can even talk to fortune tellers therein in case you are inquisitive about your future.  On this beach, you can easily relish the camel ride, horse ride by overall sea shore. The shoreline is an ideal place to carry out Yoga Asanas  and even to relish runs too.  An addition in your fun is even merry-go-rounds, Beebee weapon shooting exhibitions on shoreline, that of splendid ferry wheels. There would be much to explore and bag from that place.

Elephanta caves 

These amazing caves are situated in Elephanta Island, that is nearly forty minute ferry rides from Gateway of India.  It could interest you that UNESCO has declared Elephanta Caves, belonging to that of six hundred AD, as a World Heritage Site.  This is a well-known sculpture spot in Mumbai. The stone sculptures of Hindu and Buddhist gods here are dented because of overall Portuguese who made use of them in their sword practice. Regardless of this, the artwork in all the sculptures at this spot speak of the creative brilliance of the past era and no wonder, Elephanta Caves is considered to be one of the seven wonders of India. You might surely have a rich time in exploring these caves. Make sure you do visit the museums and feel the Stupas too. You would definitely have a historically rich time. Also, the vibe of the place is really amazing. You are going to have a great time once you are there.

Marine Drive 

Ah, it is the heart of this financial capital of India. It is something that you cannot simply miss in Mumbai.  Marine Drive   rests on the soul of Mumbai and so you can have convenient access to simply it from any place in Mumbai. It is three kilometres in length and that of it boundaries Arabian Sea creating a bay. The whole stretch is ‘C’ shaped that links up Nariman Point and Babul Nath. The destination caters amazing view of sunset. Tourists are enchanted to Marine Drive wherein they could stroll in the path and experience the great breeze. You can always find a perfect amount of merriment at this amazing spot.

The Film City 

The Film city is one of the main highlights of Mumbai hence making it one of the most revered tourist places to visit in Mumbai.  It is finely equipped with a manifold of studios that encompass artificial mountains, lakes, gardens, cities and hamlets. It is all make it really challenging to distinguish the real from fake. It is clear that film city is a dream world for the tourists everywhere. Built by Dada SahebPhalkeunder the well-known veteran actor, director V. Shantaram, this charming film city belongs to early 20th century rests in in the peripheries of Goregaon near Borivali National Park.  The Film City is made up by Maharashtra Government that gives a wealthy of variety of concessions and offices to this film business.


So, just Book Rooms in Taj mahal tower Mumbai and ensure that you have a wonderful time therein. After all, once you have a comfy place to stay in, you can make your trip fulfilling.