Novel Hair Transplant Technique with advanced FUT

To cover the biggest areas of the Norwood on the scalp the only recommended technique would be FUT or the combined FUT+FUE hair transplant surgery. The FUT hair transplant is considered as a novel technique of hair transplant that is advisable to sort out the issue of the biggest grade of baldness. Follicular unit transplant is one of the most accepted techniques in the hair transplant surgery that has been developed in such a way that facilitates the process of the graft extraction to meet the required aesthetic demand of the surgery. 

The hair transplant in USA is an advanced option to receive the procedure as it offers the standard facilities and the clinic is run by the renowned cosmetic surgeon and Doctors. But, the fact is that most of the surgical cases are performed by the technicians or implanters who worked at the clinic hence the surgeon’s involvement is very fewer results in compromised outcomes. The hair transplant cost in USA is also very high and doesn’t come as a suitable option for the middle classes. Therefore, India is becoming a favourable option for receiving hair transplant surgery. Every year a maximum number of foreign patients are used to visit India to get the surgical restoration done and get confirmed with the best aesthetic results.  

The surgical restoration of hair applies the hair root transferring process as a first step to extract the feasible number of grafts to cover the respective balding areas of the scalp. The hair transplant surgery is advisable when a patient is affected by the Norwood grade of baldness due to the genetic baldness or the Androgenic alopecia. 

Why is FUT Hair Transplant Surgery considered as the Novel Technique?

The FUT hair transplant or the strip method of the surgery is a primary method of the hair restoration that is done by extracting the hair roots from the safe donor part of the scalp, usually the rear sides of the scalp. The strip method of the surgery, considered as the novel method to perform the hair restoration because of its importance of receiving the permanent hair roots. The FUT technique of the surgery is primarily done by the extraction of the hair roots through the linear donor incision followed by the advanced suture, namely the advanced closure technique of the Trichophytic closure. The chances of pain, incision scar as well as the graft transaction rate are very lesser as every step in the procedure is done so precisely. The performing surgeon performed the job in such a way that they get able to obtain the feasible number of grafts to cover the biggest areas of the baldness. 

Some Noteworthiness of the FUT Technique: 

  1. FUT surgery is a primary recommended technique to sort out the issue of permanent baldness.
  2. The FUT can extract more than 4000 grafts in a single sitting of hair transplant and thus primarily advisable for meeting the high-density hair transplants. 
  3. The FUT is the best decision to cover the bigger grade of baldness.
  4. The FUT is a cost-effective option compared to the FUE method of hair restoration, which gives lifelong hair roots with retaining the characteristics of colour, calibre, and texture. 
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