Online Pet Medicine Store vs Local Pet Medicine Store

We all buy medicines for our pet from the local drug stores as they have been serving different localities around the world since a long time. Local pet drug stores are very efficient at fulfilling the medicine buying need of people and have various advantages too.

Local pet drug stores are not very difficult to find as every part of a city has some drug store that keeps a wide variety of pet medicines. But with the advancement in technology the local drug stores are facing tough competition from online pet pharmacies. But why is it so that the local pet drug stores which have been in operation since a long time feel threatened from the not so old Pet Pharmacy Online.

Let’s have a look at some of the key points and evaluate which is the best among the two and why there is a competition between the two:

Convenience: If we look at the convenience factor then its online pet pharmacy that definitely holds an upper edge among the two. Online pet pharmacy doesn’t need the pet owner to make a visit to the physical location instead everything is done online from finding the medicines to placing an order everything is executed online.

Once the order is placed the medicines are delivered right at the door step of the pet owner. On the other hand the local pet drug store doesn’t provide such convenience to the pet owners as it require them to visit the physical address and buy the medicine. So for pet owner the local pet drug stores are not very convenient because everyone is tied up with their hectic work schedule and not everybody has the time to go out and make the purchase.

Discount: This is certainly one thing that most buyers give priority to. When pet owners are looking to buy total pet supply they are very keen to save some money in the form of discount provided to them. But we all know that local pet pharmacies are not very good at providing discounts as they have to pay for many things like electricity bill, employees salary etc. So this makes local pet pharmacy a less good choice than online pet pharmacy.

The best thing about online pet pharmacies is that they provide lucrative discount to their customers. The reason behind this is that they procure medicines directly from the manufacturers in bulk and this saves them from giving commission to the middle men. This way the online pet pharmacies are able to buy bulk medicines at a lesser price than the local pet pharmacies and transfer that benefit to the customer in form of discount.

There are many other points like the payment options, medicine refund, customer support, variety of medicines etc. and in all of these points the online pet pharmacy definitely looks ahead. Online pet pharmacies have truly proven their worth and pet owners are finding it very easy to make purchase of their pet’s medicines without leaving the comfort of their home.