Pair Your Sneakers With Your Outfit of the Day With These Tips

Sneakers were originally made for athletic wear. Today, however, these shoes are commonly paired with casual outfits for everyday use. As sneakers remain a staple in every shoe collection, it is imperative to shop women’s sneakers based on the comfort and style they provide.

Running shoes can be made from different materials, patterns, colors, and soles. With multiple options available in the market every year, knowing the fashion trends that would go well with your kicks is essential. Below are a few guidelines on how your sneakers can become the finishing touch to your attire for the day:

For the Classic Sneakers

The classic sneakers are the definition of adaptability. These thin-soled shoes come in different styles and hues. You can also easily customize them with studs and shades of your liking.

You can wear these blasts from the past trainers for their primary sportswear purpose. Furthermore, the ability of these shoes to gain traction in today’s world is understandable.

You can pair them with a simple basic tee and a pair of skinny or flare jeans, and you can go on with your day. You can then carry a canvas tote or a leather-made crossbody bag while taking a quick errand to the mall. In addition, their canvas-made option goes well with dark-wash jeans or a navy-blue blazer.

You can shop women’s sneakers that would go well with a cotton shirt, shorts, and a leather jacket for a chic biker look. Alternatively, you can wear ripped jeans with them to achieve the same vibe.

Indubitably, you can never go wrong with the popular white-colored classic sneakers. They help break monochromatic colors in your outfit to work. Additionally, sundresses and skirts that are perfect for the summer can be effortlessly paired with these shoes.

For the Chunky Sneakers

Millennials nowadays know these as ‘Dad’ sneakers. Either way, they were a status symbol three decades ago. Their oversized heels still appeal to the current generation and are even part of today’s trend.

If you have the dedication to keep their huge, more often than not, white-colored soles, then these sturdy head-turner sneakers are for you.

These street-smart chunky shoes complete your sporty-chic and casual attires. They add character to your elegant mini or midi-length dresses and loungewear sets. You can also pair them with cropped jeans or a long coat to highlight their extra-cushioned yet lightweight form.

For the Slip-Ons

The traditional sneaker design combined with the accessibility that slip-on loafers provide creates a stylishly convenient pair of shoes. These practical flats are perfect for sunny days or when you’re on the run. You save a lot of time in your day when you can easily slip your foot on your shoes without worrying about any lace that you have to tie up.

Their faux-leather-made counterpart is more suitable for dressed-up looks. You can comfortably wear these shoes to events as an alternative to a few feet-stressful mules or ballet flats.

On the other hand, their fabric-made options are perfect for laid-back attires. For example, leopard or cheetah patterned slip-on sneakers are perfect for denim jackets or jumpsuits. So you can wear them out to lunch and easily take them off at the end of the day to relax.

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