Police Checks: All You Need to Know

Many employers require background verification to be done as a part of their hiring process. In Australia, this is the national police check. Police checks in Tasmania and other places have become very common as the employment rates are going up. Organisations need to conduct these. They help in minimising accidents or damages caused by employees.

Police Checks are necessary jobs in healthcare, finance and education. It is vital to government and defence posts. Employers should take special care in the case of healthcare and childcare, as negligence in background checks can have repercussions for which they may be held liable. Here is some useful information on police checks.

How Do Checks Work?

External agencies conduct the National Police Check through the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission. These can only be done with the consent of the person being checked. The check is done by comparing the individual’s information like the name and date of birth against a centralised index to check for criminal records or any other police history. This information will be then vetted by personnel to determine how much is disclosable. Thus police checks in Tasmania would involve the local personnel.

What Is Disclosed?

The check may either report that there are no criminal records. If this is not the case, disclosable information includes court appearances, convictions (including penalties or sentences), upcoming hearings, and good behaviour bonds. Employers often double-check this information to avoid cases of mistaken identity.

What Are the Individual’s Rights?

The individual may be asked for information about background checks if it is required by legislation. In other cases, the individual has no obligation to provide answers. However, the employer has the right to deny the job if a reasonable and relevant query isn’t satisfied. Employers may also inform about relevant points in the checks to ease the process. This can also reduce the chance of disagreements in the future.

Why Are Checks Important to the Employer?

There are various benefits for the employer from police checks. These are as follows.

Protecting Work Culture – Any smoothly functioning company would know that their workforce is the biggest asset. A good work environment and work ethic can boost the morale of employees. This can further increase overall productivity and efficiency. Police checks can ensure the work environment is protected.

Attracting Talented Employees – Requiring checks demonstrating the company’s interest in maintaining work environments. This would send a message to potential employees that the company is serious in its hiring process.

Protecting Reputation – The reputation of an organisation is very vital to its smooth operation. Since just one individual can tarnish an organisation’s reputation, police checks can go a long way in reducing such damage. As a result, such issues are better prevented.

Protecting Company Assets – Data is very important to a company. As businesses can often get competitive, protecting this data is very important. It is the second most reported economic crime that affects 32% of organisations. Police checks can be very effective in managing this too.

Checks also help companies save on training costs. Training an employee costs a lot, and replacements can account for far more. Pre-screening can reduce this to a great extent.

A safe work environment where people can leave items on their desks without the worry of them being stolen is the ideal situation. This allows the employees to walk into the office and be themselves while feeling safe.

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