Porch: A Beautiful View From The Window Of Your Room

Home is where the heart is, we’re sure you’ve heard of that. Everyone wants to build a cozy dwelling for themselves where they can celebrate their life, find a comfortable spot in their bad days, and create memories of a lifetime.

Structurally speaking, a house consists of different parts such as a living area, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, garden, porch, etc. You would want to decorate your home till your heart’s content, and an attractive and beautiful entrance always gives a pleasant feeling to the visitor.

Porch, the outdoor seating space at the entrance of your home is the perfect place for morning tea, evening snacks, or late-night conversations. Most of us imagine the exterior of our dream homes when we think about it, so no wonder you know what you want to do with the porch area!

However, there are some key ingredients common to every good-looking sturdy porch, which we want you to consider while planning it out. Before we begin, we would like to remind you that it the quality of the ingredients that makes sure there is a strength to the constructed output, so we recommend you choose trusted suppliers that can be of great help for all your construction needs. To know more about such suppliers you can visit website.


Why go to the sand, when you can bring the sand to you!

For all the beach lovers, you could get your own beach and kickstart the summer vibe at your house entrance. You could create a small stretch of sand just in front of your porch. Decorate that area with rice lights and rainbow-coloured bulbs. To further enhance the finished porch, you could also hang small decorative pieces around the porch walls. And there you go! Spend your evenings barefooted in the sand and have yourself a small little private beach.


Add pebbles around the pavement of your porch to bring out the contrast with the walkways. You could also create a pebble corner on your porch, put some plants in it and place a rocking chair facing it. Relax after a busy day in this corner and forget all your worries.


Gravel is smaller in size but adds a modern touch to your entranceway. The fine particles add detail to the aesthetic of your porch. Gravel varies in thickness and depending upon the decoration idea you have in mind, you could find the right fit and composition of gravel easily.


Have you always wanted to have a Scandinavian touch to your house? You know what we are talking about, the green roofs and exterior walls! For those who want to truly live in nature,  turf is what you are after. You could use turf on your porch, either as an accent wall or as a rug. The earthy aroma of turf also helps in destressing after a long tiring workday.


Enhance the look of your porch by adding mulches to it. Mulches would give a natural touch to the greenery. Other than the great appeal they add to the final look of your porch, they also have some natural benefits. Mulches retain soil moisture and keep pests away.


Add some funky furniture to your porch and have yourself a stylish exterior! You could start with a hammock and swing, who doesn’t like that! You could throw in some contemporary looking sofas with soft coloured cushions too.




Decorate the whole place with transparent or light-coloured curtains to feel the breeze run through your hair during late-night talks. It is essential you put up curtains though; they would protect you from the harsh heat of the sun, while also ensuring that the place is adequately bright.



Potted plants

You could decorate your porch with small potted plants, or additionally, also hang some colourful pots on the porch walls. The choice of plants is yours, but flowers blossoming out of colourful pots are quite the positivity you need!

Get on with your creative mind and start working towards your dream porch. We guarantee these tips would ring the best out of your home exterior.