Reasons Every New Mum Should See a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

New mothers hardly need another thing to tick off on their to do list. This time in your life is amazingly rewarding, incredibly challenging and takes all of your energy – but that doesn’t mean that your own health should be put on the back burner. In fact, you have a tiny person who completely relies on you now, you need to be in the best condition possible to take care of them! Pelvic health physiotherapy sessions are fantastic for all new mothers, and women in general, who want to feel at their healthiest every single day. Go here to learn more of the benefits of consulting with a pelvic health physiotherapist…

Targeted Custom Treatment

This is an amazing benefit of any type of physiotherapy, but it’s particularly handy for all new mothers. Getting tailored treatment means that all of the work you’re doing is going to be twice as effective as following wishy washy advice from people who haven’t really got an idea of your unique needs.

Childbirth is Intense!

Give yourself some credit there, childbirth is a massive undertaking – just a few days, weeks or months ago you were creating new life like the superwoman that you are! That’s not something to brush off, it was a big ask of your body and your mind, and you need to take care of yourself afterwards. Whether you’ve birthed at home or at the hospital, you’ve gone from being surrounded by nurses, midwives, doctors and professionals to your home environment. That’s a serious transition and by no means an easy one. Be kind to yourself and recognise childbirth as the ordeal that it actually is, and assign yourself the care and treatment that you would to your baby or anyone else who had been through something so significant!

Pelvic Health isn’t as Narrow a Topic as you Think

We’re often told that after birth treatment and pelvic health in general is about incontinence, leakage or Kegel exercises, which isn’t actually the case. Sadly an awful lot of women’s health is paid little to no attention, even in mainstream medical settings. Meeting with a women’s health physio will give you educated, attentive treatment that’s exactly suited to you. There are unfortunately few places that you’re going to get that – so jump at the chance if you have the opportunity.

Back Pain is Nothing to be Ignored

Many new mothers suffer from lower back pain and happily ignore it for years down the line. Back pain impacts the quality of your sleep, daily mobility, ability to exercise and desk posture – all very important aspects of your day to day life. Women’s wellness physiotherapy can help to care for your entire body instead of just your pelvic floor.

Holistic Health is For Life

Women’s physiotherapy takes a big picture look at your physicality and your health. This holistic approach means that your entire form is going to be treated and cared for, instead of the traditional targeting of something when it becomes painful or problematic for you. Prevention is always better than cure, particularly when you’ve been through something as intense and life changing as childbirth, and parenthood!

Have All Your Questions Answered, Properly

You’ll hear all kinds of advice from all different areas of your life when you’re a new mother. Your mother, grandparents, friends, doctors, nurses, co-workers – even complete strangers! This advice overload can get a bit much, and whilst it’s all well intentioned, some tips can actually do more harm than good. An accredited professional will give you effective advice that’s grounded in facts.

Give Yourself the Care That You Both Need and Deserve

New mothers often totally ignore their own needs, only to burn out eventually. Avoid this mistake and show yourself the compassion that you really deserve. Your child is going to benefit from having a heathy, happy mother, remember.

There you have it! There is such a strong case for seeking treatment that is going to enhance your health and happiness, as well as your baby’s. Contact a pelvic health physiotherapist to start your journey towards better health today.



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