Who is Sarah Mathers? Some Excerpts from Her Life

Sarah Mathers

Sarah Mathers is the recently discovered half-sister of the legendary rapper, Marshall Mathers aka Eminem. Sarah had no idea that Marshall Mathers is her elder half brother, until 2005 when her father acknowledged an uncanny resemblance between her, her other brother, and Eminem. That’s when he called up his great aunt, who had helped look after her father’s eldest son, before he split from his ex-wife, who told him that his name is Marshall Mathers, Eminem. Sarah Mathers age was 23 at that time.

After abandoning Kim Scott and young Marshall, when he was 6 months old, Bruce Marshall fathered Eminem’s half Brother and sister; Sarah Mathers and Michael Mathers. Mathers have a pretty fascinating heritage. Their ancestors are English, German, German-Swiss, Polish, and Luxembourgian. So, Sarah Mathers and Eminem are step-siblings You too can know your heritage or Find Adopted Relatives on reputable people finder websites.


Name:Sarah Mathers
Father:Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr
Mother:Deborah R. Nelson-Mathers
Siblings:Michael Mathers, Eminem, Nathan Kane Samara
  • Sarah is Marshall Jr’s daughter from his second marriage and although not much is known about her mother, it is clear that her parents separated
  • After the separation, she stayed with her father Bruce Mathers Jr.
  • After learning that Eminem is her elder half- brother, she tried to get in touch with him, wrote him letters but received no response. Michael, Sarah’s brother also tried to meet him at a concert, but their efforts went in vain.
  • Sarah Mathers works as a waitress in California now and it is yet unknown if she has had any kind of conversation with Eminem in any way.


  • Eminem’s sister, Sarah Mathers is the daughter of Bruce Mathers, who left his wife Debbie and Marshall (Eminem) and started a new family and fathered Sarah and Michael Mathers.
  • Eminem, aka Marshall Mathers, is a legendary rapper of contemporary times and one of the richest rappers in the world, whose net worth is $230 million. Eminem’s father, Bruce Mathers abandoned him and his mother, Debbie when Marshall was just 6 months old. Nevertheless, Marshall tried contacting his father, but he did not respond. He claims to have tried contacting them, but he couldn’t reach them because they were always on the move he stated. Eminem’s father has been mentioned in his songs several times and most of his fans are well aware of Eminem’s relations with his father. Sarah and Eminem’s father, Bruce Mathers died at the age of 67 in Indiana of a heart attack.
  • Eminem has also stated in some of his interviews about how his father, Bruce use to call sometimes, but he would never talk to him on the phone.
  • In 2001, Eminem’s biological father, Bruce got his letter published in the newspaper, which addressed Eminem, explaining his side of the story that it was his mother who kept him away from him (his father). But even then Eminem didn’t try to contact him to reconcile.
  • Sarah Mathers does not have any sister only a bother named Michael Mathers.
  • When Sarah found out that her elder brother was Eminem she was stunned, and described by saying “I’d known all my life that I had another brother, but Eminem? They’d got to be kidding. I giggled at the thought of it, then went back to join the rest of my family.”
  • Sarah’s father, Bruce Mathers met his ex-wife Debbie when she was 15. They soon got married, but problems started cropping up, which resulted in Bruce abandoning Debbie and Marshall Mathers, who was only 6 months old at that time. Eminem later tried a lot to reconnect with his father but failed nevertheless. By the time Bruce Mathers tried contacting Eminem, it was too late and Eminem had moved on.
  • Michael Mathers is Sarah Mathers brother, son of Bruce Mathers. Just like Sarah, Michael has been trying to reach out to Eminem for years, but he failed. He once tried to approach Eminem at one of his concerts. He claims that Eminem did see him, but did not acknowledge his presence whatsoever.
  • Deborah Nelson Mathers Briggs is Sarah Mathers stepmother, whom Bruce Mathers left, and later fathered Sarah and Michael Mathers. Deborah has been depicted, in Eminem’s songs as a very cruel and failed mother. His songs such as ‘cleaning out my closet’ portray how Eminem used to be treated at first or the song ‘my mom’ where he revealed that she sprinkled Valium on his food. Debbie has also sued Eminem for slander in newspapers and broadcasts.


  • Sarah Mathers has never met her paternal half brother, Eminem, but sure has tried reconnecting with him.
  • Not much is known about her career and her educational background but she is currently studying at the OCU (Oklahoma City University). She is currently working as a waitress in California, which would suggest a weaker educational qualification.


  • If Eminem were to acknowledge her as his step-sister, Sarah Mathers net worth would be in the millions, but most of us know that’s not happening in the near future.
  • Considering her current job as a waitress in California, her lifestyle couldn’t be as lavish as one would expect.
  • Sarah Mathers’ Instagram has about 1700 followers with around 400 posts. Sarah Mathers loves to live in the moment and has many friends on and off campus.
  • She loves to dance and has performed at the University as well.


  • Sarah Mathers recently graduated in the year 2019 and has been pretty active on Instagram. One can make out from her social media posts that she is a person who lives in the moment and loves to dance. Apart from this, she caught the attention of the media, when she and her brother Michael Mathers tried to approach Eminem at one of his concerts. They both claim that Eminem did see them, but sadly, did not respond to them in any way.


  • Although she is the half-sister of a legendary rapper, Sarah Mathers life is not much of media significance. Hence, not much has yet been discovered about her personal and romantic life.
  • Her educational qualifications are also not very clear. She is not married, and may or may not have a boyfriend/girlfriend.


We find that Eminem is not very keen on meeting Sarah Mathers, his half-sister. This might possibly have to do with the fact that he has had a very rough childhood. His father left him and his mother, and later fathered Sarah and Michael and was never there through their tough times. Hence, Eminem probably would rather stay away from his step-siblings which would bring back all the memories of the tough times.