Should You Repair Or Replace Your Window: How To Decide?

Should you repair your window or get it replaced? It is a tough decision to make. Perhaps you are struggling to close or open your windows, or a poor seal is causing water leakage. Maybe you are getting high energy bills. These are some of the common problems that homeowners face with old and damaged windows. But is it the right time to replace your window or should you get it repaired? Let’s understand more in this post. 

The choice between whether you should repair or replace your window often boils down to cost. But there are several other factors you should consider to make an informed decision. 

Repairing vs. Replacing Your Window – Common Window Problems to Consider  

A wide range of problems could impact the efficient functioning of your windows. Repairing is a practical option when you need to fix only one or two windows, or the frame is in good condition. Window repair also makes sense when the issue is a small mechanical one and you can save money on hefty replacement costs. 

On the other hand, if all your windows are damaged or there are complex issues that need extensive repairs, you should consider replacements.  

Discussed here are some common window problems and when should you consider repairing vs. replacement.  

  • Windows that won’t open or close: Does your window make a creaking noise when you try to open or close it? Or perhaps your windows won’t open at all. This mostly happens due to a lack of routine maintenance and cleaning. Dirt and grime may accumulate over time, which can cause problems with opening or closing your windows. Getting back to regular cleaning and maintenance may help address the issue. If the problem persists, it might be due to a broken part or hardware. In such cases, replacing the component might be the solution. 
  • Broken window glass: Broken window glass is a common problem that may potentially be a safety concern for your family and home. If not fixed quickly, even a small crack may grow big and cause major problems. A broken window pane allows outdoor elements like water or air to seep in. This can damage the interior, particularly during harsh weather conditions. A broken window glass can increase your energy costs amidst freezing temperatures or extreme heat and reduce your level of comfort.

So, even if it is a small crack or your entire window pane is broken, it needs to be replaced. A professional roofer is the best person to tell if you need to replace the whole window unit or the entire sash.   

  • Foggy windows: If you find your windows foggy, it might be due to water condensation. You should get rid of this problem entirely because any moisture accumulated on your windows may cause damage over time. There may be various reasons behind water condensation in your windows: 
  • If condensation is occurring from inside your home, it might be due to humidity issues. In that case, you can improve ventilation inside your home or consider opening up your window treatments. 
  • Water condensation from outside occurs when the outside air is warmer and humid than the temperature inside your window glass. Try to spray a water repellant or wipe it off as a temporary solution. Outside condensation may also indicate a problem with your window insulation. 
  • If moisture accumulates between the double-paned or triple-paned Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) of your window, it may indicate a damaged glass seal. Since IGUs are permanent installations and sealed, removing and replacing them is the only solution. 
  • Water leaks: If your window is leaking water, there may be several reasons behind it. It might be caused if your drain pipe is not functioning properly or the gutters are draining poorly. In such cases, water is forced towards windows. Damaged water seals or a broken window pane may also cause water leaks. If the leakage is minor and caused due to a poor draining system or a damaged window seal, repair might be the ideal solution. 

However, you should consider replacing your window if you have broken glass or there is excess water infiltration due to a poor exterior window casing. 

The Final Words 

When it comes to repairing or replacing your window, always look into the problem thoroughly. Is it a minor problem and can be fixed with repairs? However, you should consider replacing it if the problem is big and affecting your energy bills, comfort, and safety. You should know how to measure windows for replacement or consult a professional like Advance Roofing LLC for high-quality and precise window replacements.